Guitarist Michael Trudgen perform an acoustic set with his unforgettable creativity

This southern Ontario artist born in Chatham, Ontario, Canada, lived his childhood in small rural area of Ridgetown, and a family rich in music. His great uncle was a one man band, and showcased on an old 1940s news reel for movie theaters; which you can find him performing Amazing Grace on YouTube. His grandfather Andy Trudgen was a multi-instrument musician, and played piano, guitar, Ukulele, and accordion for big bands at dance halls along Lake Erie and Lake Huron. His Father also a pianist and vocalist had a love for choral, classical and opera music, but also great bands of the 60s & 70s primarily The Beatles. Getting Michael involved in music was no different for the next generation of the Trudgen family, and begun lessons at 6 on the piano.
Now living in London, Ontario, Michael's older brother who was also involved in music lessons began instructions on classical guitar; and once he brought home his guitar for practices, Michael picked it up and couldn't let it go.  He started guitar instructions at 14. Creativity was never ending for Michael, and he annoyed his instructors by not practicing his lessons but continuously creating his own music pieces. He left his instruction and continued learning all he could about the guitar, and still learning to this day.

Performing in front of an audience was not easy for Michael, and rather shy and inverted, he had a serious case of stage fright. It was until he performed at a family's anniversary party for his Uncle and Aunt, he was able to overcome the anxiety of performing live. This was the turning point, and he applied for a Busker Festival in Grand Bend, Ontario, which he was invited to participate in 2012 and again in 2013. By 2013 Michael also applied to be rhythm guitar for a local act in London, Ontario called Messes and Miracles, fronted by seasoned vocalist Justin Den Bok, who toured Canada for a near decade in the 2000s in several bands. Justin and Michael hit it off from the start, and enjoying Micheal's 20yrs of musical creations on the acoustic guitar, they set forth on two new adventures With a Fox and yet to be released The Bully Club. 

With A Fox, is a 5 piece indie rock concept band, with leaning of punk music, but maintaining the indie rock feel, and powerful vocals. Produced their first 5 song EP "Songs From the Den" in 2016, was well-received from the London music community. The EP has been awarded "Best of Rock on internet radio's Ourstage.com. The band won Classic Rock 98.1FM "Made in London" competition in April 2017, and awarded $6000 in recording at EMAC Studios, which lead to their second EP "Walk into the Fire." Sadly the band had suffered through a progressing illness and folded up upon the EPs release. At this point Michael was just starting out as a finger style guitarist, and was asked to participate in a local "Battle of the Bands" and to Michael's astonishment, he placed 2nd overall of 16 bands and soloist, doing only original instrumentals he had written. Michael reached out to Stone bridge Guitars, associated with popular finger style Furch Guitars, and applied for an endorsement, and through several talks with their local representative, Michael was accepted into their Emerging Artists Program. That lead the purchase of Michael's favourite G25 Stone bridge Guitar, and later purchase of his D22 Furch guitar.

Encouraged by his friend Darren Morrison, a recording engineer, Michael laid down his first self titled album in 2017. The album was reviewed and given a score of 4/5 by "Divide and Conquer Magazine." At this same time, Michael applied and was accepted for London Arts Live, a community lead initiative to support local artist, and commission them for performance opportunities around London. This lead to the opportunity to perform at several high profile venues, Wolf Performance Hall, The Aeolian Hall, and London Music Hall, and collaborate with local dancers Hanna Elias and Connor McPhail, spoken word artist Sile Englert for an art performance piece "Cycles." Through this funded initiative, Michael set out to write and record his next album "All the Pretty Things," another 12 song album for 2018, with a backing band, full of colour and textures, all instrumental finger style guitar. The album was top the top 5 at 4th on the local CHRW 94.9FM indie station that year.

Michael is still writing and currently working on his 3rd album, due for 2020. That is not Michael's only project as Justin Den Bok, and he are writing a new moody art project "The Bully Club," which is due to release their first single soon; at this same time the two are bringing With A Fox back to the stage with a new rhythm section and new songs for 2020. Michael joined forces with local vocalist and ukulele artist "Forest City Music Award" 2019 winner Leanne Mayer, as a support guitarist, adding guitar, mandolin, banjo, and backing vocals, with her band Leanne Mayer and The Renegades.
At the end of the day Michael is humbled by the successes and opportunities, the venues and fellow music community support, local showcases and festivals, performing from Windsor to Ottawa, he is still just a guy who loves to play guitar.  
Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's October/November 2019 issue 10, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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