From the Wilds of Northern California: Soul Glitch

On love, empowerment and humanity’s potential

Nicholas Hasty, better known by the artist name Soul Glitch, is an American multi- instrumentalist, singer, song-writer, producer and controllerist from Northern California. His electronic project, Soul Glitch, creates Epic Soultronica, a dynamic fusion of indietronica, electro-pop and synth-pop genres. Hasty is an accomplished wind instrumentalist. He plays saxophone, flute and EWI (electronic wind instrument), and has been a staple in the San Francisco Bay music scene for over 15 years. 

He can play many different genres and has toured with numerous California bands. Last year he embarked on the Soul Glitch journey to pursue his first love, electronic music. Soul Glitch is the perfect vehicle for Hasty’s artistic expression as it combines both of his passions: electronic music and acoustic instruments. This project affords him the freedom to create and perform songs that incorporate his acoustic proficiency with controllerism (the technical art of using MIDI controllers and software to create and effect music in real time). 
Soul Glitch songs seamlessly integrate infectious beats with socially conscious messages. Drawing inspiration from the pulsating rhythms of electronic producer BT, the soulful vocals of SOHN, and the luscious melodies of Jamiroquai, Soul Glitch invites you to explore a better world with hearts open to the collective human experience. Songs are built on synth-heavy production, layered with melodic instrumentation, rich harmonies, and heartfelt vocals that inspire you to be moved both within and without. To Hasty, the messages contained in his lyrics are equally important to the music. In Hasty’s words, “Soul Glitch is about tuning in to our higher selves and finding meaningful purpose in the interdependency of humanity and all living things.” 

It is Hasty’s deepest wishes that his music has a positive and profound impact on others. He deeply believes that there is, in each and every one of us, a boundless capacity for love, empathy and connectedness to each other and the world we inhabit. His love of humanity is evident in his lyrics which promotes self-awareness, emotional intelligence and personal growth. His themes address concepts such as pushing through limitations, building resiliency and believing in your dreams.

It is evident that Hasty is song writer who has much to say about the state of our world both as a society and us as inhabitants. In “Greatest Version” he promotes personal development so we can become the very best and most evolved versions of ourselves “can you be so positive that you’ve got nothing to give? We all have something, a contribution” he sings. “Tribe of Gods” conveys that we are all “created by the same star”; “when you open up your heart, you can see that we’re not far apart.” We have the power to unite and support one another and our differences, which are often exaggerated and manipulated to instill division and hatred, in the end are mostly superficial.

“Evident Destination” where there is “no evident destination” invites us to embark on that journey to find ourselves and untimely find our own paths; to abandon destinations that are mapped out by parents, community and society. He states “not all who wander are lost” and that fear and failure are often necessary ingredients in discovering our passion and therefore who we were meant to be. Sometimes the only way to discover our own truths is to hit the “bottom” that he sings about: “Reaching the end of the road, that’s when you know, that’s when you know.”

“Need to Say” asserts that only each individual person has the right to define who he/she is and that no one possesses the privilege to tell us otherwise especially when “you don’t even know me”. This song also addresses the concept that we must disengage from toxic relationships where others try to manipulate us to meet their own needs.

He relates “this is the first love song from this project and my most personal story to date.” “Hold On” is an electronic ballad where he experiments with string instruments and implores his love to “hold on for the light of another day” when “bitter cold comes rushing by.” The meaning and inspiration for his songs can be found in his blog posts. where he writes extensively about each and every released track. Some of the posts also speak to his own personal journey as Soul Glitch. Currently Soul Glitch is in rehearsals and getting ready for live performances beginning this fall. Hasty has gathered a talented and experienced group of musicians from Oakland, California: Josh Fossgreen on bass, Ricky Lomeli on drums and Ab Menon on guitar. Together they have been busy crafting the Soul Glitch live sound. 
Hasty feels extremely fortunate that these gifted musicians have joined his project and is excited to bring Soul Glitch’s unique and exciting live performance to his fans. Soul Glitch has been releasing music all year. His seventh single “Evident Destination” was released in July 2019 and is currently working on his debut LP, which is slated for release in Winter 2020. The anticipated record will feature new solo work, as well as bonus collaborations with two-time Grammy Nominated Producer, BRIDGES (Wildheart by Miguel, Automatic by Kaskade).
Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's October/November 2019 issue 10, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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