Elisa Tateo, known as Elisa Neri, releases an original song and video clip on all major audio and social media channels, called Sand Clock.

Elisa is a 15-year-old Bulgarian-Italian singer and artist, who lives in the United Kingdom with her family. Ever since Elisa was a young girl she was interested in art and music. She started singing when she was 3 and at the age of 6, Elisa started attending the Academy of Performing Arts in Turin (Italy). Three years later, the talented singer started taking vocal lessons with Stefano Corona, who till today is her vocal coach and a great source of motivation and inspiration.
“I grew up with Stefano. He is my most bright example of talent and ambition. Somehow, he always manages to turn every little insecurity I have in me into something amazing, powerful and inspiring.”

Elisa’s passion for art births also her first business. She creates custom portraits and paintings and sells them online. Her work is so fascinating that customers often come back for more. Her talent is undeniable, and Elisa’s art has been exhibited in several galleries in the United Kingdom. She finds an extraordinary way to combine music and fine art by recording a song for each paining she creates. Elisa believes this adds extra emotional value for her art customers.

Miss Neri has numerous awards for her artistry and music performances. When she was 10, she won first prize of an international music contest supported by Karuzo. That was just the beginning of an avalanche of contests, festivals and charity concerts she took part in. In May 2019, the young artist won Public Choice Award from the first edition of the Bulgarian Business Awards in the UK. In addition, Elisa is currently contesting in the Open Mic UK.

The Sand Clock project is truly one of a kind. It tells a story of an immigrant, a confident citizen of the world and yet nostalgically drawn to the roots. Elisa and the Italian songwriter Michele Ruberto wrote the lyrics and the music of the song. Miss Neri is also the author of the unique self-portrait featured in the video clip. The project was supported by several Bulgarian and Italian businesses and professionals, who may be found on the official Elisa Neri website. The video clip will showcase many traditional Bulgarian symbols, like shevitsa (special Bulgarian embroidery), natural rose oil, and more.

“This is my story. Even though I am half Bulgarian, half Italian, I’ve always felt deeply rooted in Bulgaria. I have never lived there for a continuous period of time, but my heart never leaves. This song and the Sand Clock project as a whole, is a tale that many immigrants live. We may be citizens of the world, but it’s only one place we can truly call home. I just wanted to tell that tale to the world the best way I know – through music and art.” – said Elisa when asked why she wrote the song.
To the question why she chose a different stage name she replies: “I was inspired by Lara Fabian, who is my singing idol. I travel every year to attend at least one of her concerts. She took her mother’s surname as her own. I did the same – my mom’s surname is Cherneva, which translates as Neri in Italian. I can honestly say that Lara Fabian is my muse when it comes to music, even though our styles are different.”
Though she was featured in recently released Lifoti's October/November 2019 issue 10, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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