Daniel Keeton’s heavy metal style Screams.... Freedom is not free!

Raw, hard hitting, in your face metal that ROARS with what America is about to so many people! Truth, trust, pride and money are some of the words that run through Daniel's head nearly every minute of the day. He hears these words manipulate the vision of America. The government, politicians, companies, religions, and so called good people using these words in a way that has a twist. A twist in their favor! A twist that makes people broke! A twist that makes THEM money! These words are used to lure people to America for them just to realize that freedom is actually not free at all. Daniel has his own take in response to these words. Every song he writes is about creating a positive way of dealing with the real! His single “Out Of Your Head” is a song about confidence! “Have you ever had someone say you can’t do something that you knew you could do? Tell that person your out of your head!” Another of Daniel’s single's, “Novacaine” is a song about having a hard time in life and just needing to find some peace. 
“A lot of people think it’s about drinking and it could be for some, but some have identified to me that even church could be considered their novacaine”. Daniel's journey started when he was a little skateboard riding, rock throwing, trouble maker, BUT aspiring musician from Dallas Tx. His first instrument was a guitar gifted to him from his mother. Although the guitar was intriguing to Daniel his interest faded and he was ready to take on something more. He asked his mom for a drum set and since she wasn’t made of money she encouraged him to figure out a way to purchase his own set. So that’s just what he did ... “I traded my guitar for a drum set”. With this mind set there was nothing to stop him as he grew into a multi instrumental musician through his school years playing in jam bands and practicing countless hours in his own room at this parents home. Throughout the late nineties Daniel was a drummer in various rock and metal bands. 

He was known for his very hard hitting drum style that would drive the music right into the ear holes of his fans! In 2001 he formed a band named Paradyme Shyft as a drummer and began to test the waters of performing backup vocals. This was the beginning of his experience with becoming a metal/rock vocalist. Daniel also started writing his own instrumental music in 2001 and several of the those instrumental songs written years ago are just now coming to life with his vocal style that is much like Mudvayne, Parkway Drive and Metallica! What does the future look like for him? “I am a recording artist for now and I focus on writing music out of my own studio currently playing all the parts myself" In December of 2018 Daniel started professional creating his songs with nationally recognized music producer, Alex Gerst, owner of Empire Sound Studio. After Daniel heard his songs professionally mixed his reaction was “Holy $&@; that’s me?” Daniel carried on professionally recording his songs which landed his music on KNON 89.3 FM Reckless Rock Radio! “The greatest catalyst has been sharing my music with thousands of fans on social media. It gave me a voice and a place to connect with many through my music”. 

Daniel is a husband and a father to 2 daughters so he works very hard to protect family time at home and still remain involved in the music community. "I think the future for many talented musicians wanting to stay in music and not sacrifice too much time away from home will become more and more prevalent because of todays technology." He is very proud because the creation of this E.P. was accomplished within 9 months and he used all the knowledge he has gained since he was a kid learning to play each instrument that he has mastered today. His ability to play all the parts has given Daniel control to successfully convey his own message. 
Daniel is more than excited about releasing his E.P. "Me Against Myself" by his solo project Freedom Is Not Free on New Years day 2020. This E.P. will showcase him at his best and will include a cover song from Powerman 5000! Goals for his future will be to take this to the stage with a talented band and find a metal label that will sign. His latest singles "Novacaine", "Out of you Head" and “Lost” are just the beginning of what his style will be like and what Daniel has to say to the world”.
Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's October/November 2019 issue 10, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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