With solid melodies and extremely catchy choruses, NastiGi have ‘ear worm’ potential

Gianluca Nasticola aka NastiGi was born in Naples, Italy and currently resides in London, UK. At the age of 6, he joined the permanent choir of two television programs for children’s Canale 21 TV channel under the artistic direction of Maestro Ottavio Molinaro and featuring actors Anna Campori and Pietro De Vico. NastiGi put together his first rock band, Rockestros, with his brother Lino Nasticola, who at that time was very successful in the 90’s Italian rock music circuit. 

Subsequently, his passion for progressive rock pushed him to create a new band, Nodomo, together with Bruno B and they release the single, ‘Cane Nero-Cantanapoli Antifascista’ in 1994 through the Flying Records label and this sparked the band’s first international tour. In that same year, Gianluca collaborated with Piombo a Tempo, a Milanese band pioneer of the Italian Hip Hop known as ‘Lion Horse Posse’ up to 1993 (Leoncavallo Posse) co-writing the song, ‘La Rivoluzione’ taken from the album, ‘Cattivi Maestri’. 
With the advent of the 5-string bass, NastiGi began to explore other musical genres from reggae to dub through jungle to drum & bass and beyond, collaborating both as an writer and as a musician in the creation of 2 albums Sciarap002 and Murmuri released by CNI & Sciarap autoproduzioni together with the artist Maurizio Capone, NastiGi moved to London in 1998, and started an intense artistic journey, full of creative writing and collaborations with well-knowns such as pop-rock band, The Sleeping Giants and collaborated on the single, ‘Too Late’, alongside Platinum-selling Music Producer, Andy Whitmore who had 14 UK Top-10 Chart Hits. 

In 2008 he collaborated with the Indie rock band, Heaven's Heathens, on many tracks and the single ‘In The Morning Light’ was a nominee for the 16th Annual Los Angeles Music Awards for unsigned bands. Following a meeting with Alec Whittier, an established American Producer, he formed The Dirth, a heavy rock band, together with John Moss, Culture Club’s drummer, and they were very active in the UK . After many years of gigs, venue, concerts, videos and appearances on TV and radio in USA, Netherland, UK, Italy, France, Germany and Switzerland he continues his career collaborating with many other artists and DJs such as Alda, Elshay, Livvy Nicole, DJ Just In Case and DJ Groovedesign. Nastigi is currently in between UK and Italy producing his new alternative rock project.

NastiGi's well-crafted songs are bursting with mainstream appeal. With solid melodies and extremely catchy choruses, they have ‘ear worm’ potential. Blending 90s Americana with their British rock roots, NastiGi’s trademark sound of melodic, powerful, alternative rock has already made them one of the hottest new acts on the London music scene. NastiGi's recent releases (So I Run, Love Your Enemy) have featured on some of Spotify's premier editorial playlists (All New Rock, New Noise, Rock Out, 100% Rock) and hitting over 1.3 Million streams and 600,000 listeners. 

NastiGi has been at the #1 position for ReverbNation London and Regional Rock Chart, and #3 for the entire UK rock chart. Returning with a mix of raw energy, noisy guitar riffs, distorted bass and tight grooves, after playing two rock festivals, as well as securing radio plays and the video ‘Take Me As I Am’ is featured on IndieCast TV's, ‘Pottersfield TV’ in USA, UK, Netherlands and South America. Also featured on ‘Metal In Italy’ and ‘Artistic Echoes’ web magazines amongst others , NastiGi returned with “Out Loud” released 25th July. 

Taking influences from Muse, Royal Blood and Skunk Anansie, NastiGi wrote the single for anyone living their life behind a shadow. Gianluca, the band leader and songwriter, said “Back in 2015, I had been living with the absolute belief that I could never write a whole song by myself. In 2017, things started taking a different turn for me and I found myself as the one who was responsible for creating new material in my band back then, so I had to find a way. And, by 2018, I couldn’t believe I actually amassed enough material to release the whole album. 
Well, my self-confidence grew stronger each day, so I kept going! Today, it feels natural and so cool!” NastiGi had three record-deal offers (iCottage Records, Cave music, and PA74music) during last year but still looking for THE right one to come. Gianluca said “I believe that is only a matter of time until we get picked up by a major music industry label and see our music on the Billboard Hot 100”.
Though NastiGi was featured in recently released Lifoti's October/November 2019 issue 10, you can check it from below link's for your country: