One Step From Everywhere - Destination Success!

One Step From Everywhere is a high energy Seattle based rock band that blends an eclectic mix of styles and genres to create a unique musical experience. At the heart of the band is a classic rock sound which resonates from an earlier time when arena rock ruled the world and having a good time was at the top of everyone’s list. There is also a generous infusion of funk, punk and other junk that can be enjoyed on your car stereo as much as on the dance floor. Their lyrics paint a landscape of the human experience with an underlying theme of hope and are supported by fun catchy melodies delivered with soaring emotional vocals and powerfully tight musicianship.
Forming in 2016, One Step From Everywhere began playing venues in and around the Seattle area. Honing their sound and songs which they recorded and released on their first EP “Last Man on the Moon” in 2017. The album met with great reviews and sold well. The Song “Rise Above” has become a signature closing song with its funky groove and its positive message, it has become a crowd favorite. Unfortunately, shortly after the release, two members of the band departed and the band was faced with finding replacements to fill the void. After auditioning several lead guitarists and drummers to find the right chemistry, they found the perfect fit and set out playing at full force in clubs and festivals.

With a fresh and enthusiastic new line up, they begin honing the songs to make them tight and memorable. After feeling confident they had material that would make a solid playlist on anyone’s listening device, they headed into the studio and recorded their follow up full length album “Somewhere in Between” in 2019. Having several guest musicians take part in recording added some unique flavour to the songs. Although it took longer than they had originally anticipated, the final product was something the guys are greatly proud of. Again they received rave reviews for their eclectic mix of music styles and songwriting. Hitting the road once again in support of the album throughout western Washington even getting a chance to play at the historic “El Corazon”.

At the heart of this band is the deep desire to play live! They thrive on the energy of the crowd and dig deep to perform at their highest level at every show. The original members still with the group are Simon Smith on bass and the wizard behind the recording and engineering of both albums, James Carr who is the lead vocalist and guitarist who wrote all the material on the first two albums. Along with Chris Brown who has taken the lead guitar role to a new level with his soulful playing style and catchy hooks and Craig Hoffman behind the drums with impeccable timing and groove. When asked about the current line up singer James said, Every- thing is locking in on so many levels. We just seem to gel on so many levels. It comes so natural when we write together and jam. It’s been a long time coming.
One Step From Everywhere are currently working on and writing new material for their follow up album along with continuing to play shows and festivals. It’s full speed ahead with all roads looking promising for this band from the Emerald City!
Though they was featured in recently released Lifoti's October/November 2019 issue 10, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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