Black Martian developed his style and craft in LA, battling mcs

Black Martian, formally known as Lord Kareem, was born in Chicago Illinois on April 11. Hasaan Kareem Moody the only child to Leonard and Jessica Moody, loved to play sports, and video games. He started listening to Hip Hop Music in 1988. His favorite MC was KRS one. He listened to the underground show, and got inspired by NWA, and ICe T. He thought the profanity, and ghetto swagg was dope.

 He later moved to Las Vegas in 1991, where he completed High School. He went to UNLV for a couple of years, then CCSN, where he discovered the Dungeon, a local Las Vegas Studio, that the hip hop Magazine wrote an article about. Local Artists used the Dungeon to get Vegas Hip Hop out to the world. He recorded his first song there in 1999, called "The Weed Ain't Ready". He wasn't ready so he went back into the Lab, and moved to Los Angeles in 1999 to get into the biz on a full time note, with group member - Ron Carter. 

He developed his style and craft in LA, battling LA mcs. He met a producer, from New Jersey named A-FS. They did a song together, and the rest was history. A-FS became his main Producer. He also met a great singer named Jeremy. They also did songs and concerts in Los Angeles. Black Martian and business partner A-FS leased a club called Gold Fingers in Los Angeles, where local hip hop acts could showcase their music. They headlined all the shows, and got a piece of the club! He has recorded 4 studio albums, done many shows, (HardRock Los Angeles, Mixxed Nuts, HA, HA Club, ect.), now "Black Friday" his 5th album is ready to blow up! He changed his name to Black Martian in 2008. 

With the Release of his first two singles off of Black Friday, Big Butts not Big Mouths, and Ghetto Rose, Black Martian has unleashed his entire arsenal of music onto ITunes, Google and More. With 11 Mixtapes via Coast 2 Coast under his belt and 2 new Mixtapes just released under Tru Go Gettas Mixtapes, which feature Snoop, Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, and Ludacris, Black Martian shows he can hold his own with the majors! With 2 singles reaching over 11,000 store hits each and a new album with over 30,000 store hits, He is ready for Major Success. Be on the look out for his new Single to Drop around Christmas "Bubble Bath" and 2 collaborations from an artist from Africa, and local Legend Duan DaRock Ramos, Black Martian will be blessing your eardrums for years to come! 

New Single Coming Produced By Duan DaRock Ramos, called "Classic" 12-25-13-2014, and His Second Single Called Mandela $ off of his new Album, soon to be released early 2017. Mandela $ is a collaboration with South African Rapper CJB. This release is dropped July 26th 2016 on ITunes. The second single off of the next Epic album, "Called Foreign Chick, Amerikkkan Whip". This album is already done, and getting buzz from Akademia, DJ's, Radio Stations, and More. Black Martian already has an album now playing daily on PANDORA! A major success for an Indy Artist. 
Black Martian/ Lord Kareem's Career has come to an end, but he leaves you with Battle Raps, Underground tunes, mixed with conscious Hip Hop. Over 20 years in the Game, This is My Final Master Piece.

Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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