Who Is Infinite Smarticulls

This is Infinite Smarticulls. He is an 18 year old dubstep and Future Bass producer from Birmingham, Alabama in the United States. He graduated from high school in May of 2018, and has been making electronic music since November 14 of 2017. Electronic music has only recently come into his life. Even though he has never had a specific taste in music it has always been apart of his life.

The Past of Infinite Smarticulls
He started playing the piano at the age of six and around that same time he also enjoyed listening to Jazz Fusion especially Boney James but that soon changed. In 2008 he went through a very brief faze of listing to the modern rap and hip hop of that time period. Listening to that style of music lead him almost simultaneously to begin listening to video game soundtracks from sports games and he listened to this for six years. While still playing piano he decided to join concert band at his middle school there he learned to play Euphonium. 

Two years later in the fall of 2014, he entered his first year of high school he was still listening to soundtracks from video games. He soon joined marching band and jazz band. This is where he was introduced to big band jazz which rekindled his love for jazz. He started watching Japanese anime and this is where his taste in music shifted yet again. Now he was listening to both video game soundtracks and J-Pop. The spring of 2014, on a Disney World Trip was where he was first introduced to trap. It was his freshman year of High School. It was through a YouTube channel that uploads remixes of well known songs. He loved it. He soon stopped listening to his soundtracks and started listening to trap remixes and Japanese music. In 2017 the spring of his sophomore year in high school while watching a YouTube video about anime a song came on that really caught his attention by an artist name Fox Stevenson. The song was a night core version so at the time he thought the artist was a girl! But after finding the original song he soon realized the artist wasn't. That one song by Fox Stevenson led him to where he is now. In the fall of 2017 he started listening to more artists than just Fox but dubstep was all he listened to at this time he listened to artists like Barely Alive, Diamond Eyes, Virtual Riot, Dodge & Fuski, Pegboard Nerds, Astronaut, and Splitbreed. He was so motivated by their music that he decided to give it a try and so at the age of 17 he started using a Chromebook to make little jingles. In the spring of 2017 in his junior year he was able to get his hands on a lite version of Ableton live 9 and this was around the same time he started listening to more than just dubstep. I found artist like Tristam, Dion Timmer, Gammer, Max Styler, Televisor, and Deon Custom. These artists combined with the dubstep artist plus a few more were and still are his influences for his music. He is happy to make music and he hopes to continue and to get better.

He loves all of his songs, but his favorite songs are some of his earliest, including one of his most successful songs entitled The World of Techno. This song has about twenty-five thousand views on SoundCloud. One of his newer songs released in an EP entitled Dinner Time is also one of his favorites. The melodic dubstep tune carries a lot of energy and is a favorite by many who listen to it.

As he mentioned earlier, one of his earliest achievements came a few months after he started music production and his song entitled The World of Techno reached a little around 25,000 views on SoundCloud and it was the first song he was able to put into the music stores. His second personal achievement was finally getting his hands on Ableton live. Even though it was the lite version he was able to see drastic improvement in the quality of his music. He started to really study styles in EDM and improved in his songwriting skills. After he bought Ableton live 9 in the spring of 2018 he made a song entitled Breakfast in Space and signed it to Wolfrage Records this was a huge accomplishment because this would be the first song to be signed by a record label and released on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play and all major music stores. After many months of being stuck behind wall and not being able to advance in his music production skills he finally started improving again and was able to sign one of his future bass tracks entitled Feel the Love to Octane Records. And ever since then he has been on a hot streak in his music production abilities he has even had one of his songs considered for release on Monstercat. And he just signed three songs to Big Tune Records at the beginning of August this year.

The Future of Infinite Smarticulls
He feels as if he is just getting started in this journey of music production and he still has many goals that he wants to reach. One of those goals is being able to have one of his songs or multiple songs released on Monstercat. His main goal above all else is to have music that is able to inspire and motivate others to dive into the rich amazing world of music. Music has been such an influence in his life and he wants nothing more than to share that with the world. Right now he is working on a few dubstep and future bass tracks one of which is a huge achievement for me because it will be the first song where everything is all original and made completely from Xfer Serum. This has been a goal of his for a while and he is happy that he will finally be able to reach it. Maybe this will be the song that gives him his big break. Who knows? What we do know is that Infinite Smarticulls it's just getting started. He has a long way to go but he has also come a long way and with future goals ahead of him, he won't be going anywhere but up anytime soon.
Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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