Hip Hop artist Jaiz, always evolving, converting non-hip hop fans into Jaiz fans

Step into the world of Jaiz, walk out with raw emotion and artistry on the mind.

Jaiz has been creating hip hop music for years. Naturally, Jaiz strives to have no glass ceiling for his creativity. His creativeness is limitless, and is a quality that cannot be denied. It is a quality within Jaiz that has led to his music topping the charts at #1 for hip hop on numerous websites.  Jaiz has proudly held the accolade of the #1 globally ranked artist on reverbnation for hip hop. He has also enjoyed #1 spots on websites such as soundclick, numberonemusic, and sites that are no more such as ampcast, passthemic, mp3.com, and more. Never being about going through the motions of an overly redundant style, Jaiz provides an abundance of variety of styles. It is a daunting and uncomfortable task trying to mimic someone else's style. Jaiz proudly comes out of the shadows into the light to shine as an individual in an industry that can turn artists into mimes. With writing lyrics involving Jaiz's life, a fresh perspective is always the blueprint, rather than a duplicate of a manufactured sound. It is much more about connecting with listeners based on emotion rather than just vibing to a song with a good beat. Jaiz is a voice speaking to the future generations as well as the present. 

The body of Jaiz's work consists of artistry, desire, raw emotion, storytelling, inspiration, philosophy, and more. Jaiz likes to leave his music open for interpretation. Listeners can choose to feel however the music makes them feel. That's the beauty of being a music enthusiast and/or an individual. Jaiz very much embraces individuality as both an artist, and as an individual. Through the sounds of Jaiz, his audience as well as himself become linked as one. His music is his legacy, heart, and soul.

Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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