The Chronology of a Dreamer: Spencer Ammons

"I'm just a songwriter from the heart with soul."

The chronology of a dreamer isn't recorded without highs, lows, love, loss, or a little bit of faith. The redemptive story of Spencer Ammons has all of the above and more. Spencer got his first guitar in 2003, and he quickly realized he possessed natural musical abilities. "I was certainly no Stevie Ray Vaughan, but I felt that I had a God-gifted ear for music", he said. One short year later, he donned a guitar on a stage in front of 12,000 people playing the Star-Spangled Banner at the 2004 Oklahoma FFA State Convention in Oklahoma City, OK. Shortly after, he began writing music and started his first band Our Last Solution. The young school band was an Alternative Rock group, who played at local venues, school functions, and more in the Southeastern Oklahoma and North Texas areas. While his musical game was getting stronger so was his baseball game. In 2007, Ammons was the shortstop and pinnacle player for the Rock Creek Mustangs State Championship team. “Our small town looked at baseball the way Odessa, TX looked at football, and I was just happy to help bring that little town some joy when we won state”, he said with a smile. By the Summer of 2008, Spencer had just returned home from playing with a Junior National baseball club in Puerto Rico to a potential upcoming recording opportunity. Our Last Solution would have begun recording their debut album weeks into the 2008-2009 school year. 

So, he had arrived at a crossroads moment: pursue his dreams by furthering his baseball career in college or pursue music. He decided, "I chose my first love in playing baseball, because I had scholarships to do so and I dreamt of playing professionally since I was a kid.” Within the 2008-2012 timespan, he earned athletic accolades, national attention, and professional baseball prospects playing for the Rend Lake Warriors and University of Missouri - St. Louis Tritons, respectively. It would be in 2013 when he faced yet another tough decision: play Independent Professional Baseball or hang up the cleats and accept his first "big boy" job offer. He weighed in, “I have no regrets about pursuing my first love and dream instead of music and ultimately deciding to drop the ball, because I truly left everything on the field and replaced one love with another when I met Chelsea, my person and soul mate, in college.” The years between 2013 and 2017 were ones that he claimed he did "what American society tells us all to do.” “I graduated college, got a good job, got married to the love of my life, bought a house and was living the ‘American Dream’, but I wasn’t living my dream", he affirmed. With his baseball career being a thing of the past and being well into his twenties, he saw a music career as a pipe dream. "Any time I thought about pursuing my second love in music, I felt strong doubt and anxiety, because I just assumed it was already too late for me. So, I had my mid-life crisis early and turned to substance abuse to numb the self-induced pain of not pursuing my dreams." He continued, "In late-October 2017, I had a spiritual awakening. I felt God strongly pulling at my heart to change. In Matthew 25: 14-30, Jesus Christ speaks a parable about talents, and I realized I was just sitting on my God-gifted musical talent all while living like hell. I began the lengthy process of repentance, picked up my guitar, and I started writing for the first time in over a decade."

5 months later, Spencer would begin recording at the American Music Award-winning Audio Dallas Recording Studio, who has recorded Grammy-nominated projects and multiple Gold and Platinum records. He reflected, “It took 10 years from the time I was set to record a debut album to actually record my debut album, but I did it and I enjoyed working with the tremendous human being, super pro and owner Paul Garland.” Spencer Ammons would release his 10-song debut album Banty Road in July 2018 under the artist name “Spencer Ammons”. The young artist counted his blessings, “It’s humbling to put yourself out there, to try to grow a new business in a business you have zero clue about, and I quickly realized all I can do is put in the work and have faith that God will provide. Provide He did and provide He will.” Spencer received an opportunity to work with Forever The Sickest Kids’ Austin Bello and Caleb Turman of Austin Bello Productions and recorded his first single Choose Love in April 2019 just before the birth of his and his wife's first child, Quinn JoLee, in May. He would release that single to iTunes, Amazon Music, and Spotify in June, and he is set to begin recording his next single The Golden Rule in September 2019 with the same group. Spencer concluded in rhapsodic fashion, “I can’t wait to record this next song, and I’m excited for the opportunities I have ahead of me. I’m just a songwriter from the heart with soul giving the listener a piece of my heart and soul in each track. I aim to help people with my music by exuding the love God has given me, and I’m happy to be on this earth doing just that. I believe that this is my purpose, and living within my purpose is a dream come true.”

Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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