Jessica Leia: The Woman… The Artist… The Whack-a-doodle-doo!

What is this zany artist up to?
Yes, there are plenty of folks making music out there these days. But nobody (and we mean NOBODY) is doing what Jessica Leia is doing! Maybe it is the charm we see in her multiple personalities that LITERALLY show up with her on stage while she tells the tale of how and why each song she writes is born (and then sings it for us). Maybe it is the off-the-cuff humor that she threads throughout every experience we share with her, (and that she shares with her different selves), while she undertakes the various processes that come with being a rock star out there in the world, all on her own. Perhaps it is the fact that she takes ALL of these things (and more) and packs them in to her very own video series, “Me & My Song”, which she single- handedly, creates, edits, produces and of course, stars in. But really, (as much as all of that stuff is pretty cool AND quite quirky), the really awesome reason why, as an audience member, we keep finding ourselves unable to look away from Ms. Jessica Leia, is because she performs with a showmanship and ingeniousness that one rarely sees in the world. And because there is absolutely SOMETHING about the power and richness of the music that we watch and hear her create.

The Sound…
Whether Jessica is courting you with a ballad or rocking you to your feet, you will love her three- octave vocal range. You will hear a musical style that is a fusion of genres - with strong elements of Pop, Blues, Rock and even Funk - a sound that she light-heartedly refers to as “Rock-icana Pop”. It’s a music that captures the essence of what she calls all the “good ol’ stuff”, but that also appeals to a modern world of music listeners who have acclimated to digital sounds and the SHUFFLE option of their music devices. Backed by talented musicians, you can hear Jessica Leia thrill you with all of the umph and upbeat characteristics that you love so much in music, as it lives and breathes inside brand new musical creations of her own!

A well-polished performing and recording artist for many years, Jessica Leia has received a number of awards and acknowledgements for her achievements. Some of these include: an ‘Akademia Music’ award for “Best Song”, "Big Fuss Records" award for "Artist to Watch" and multiple ‘Bands 4 Band’s’ awards such as “Best Vocalist”, “Best Performance” AND “Best Band”. You will find Jessica Leia on numerous internet blogs including the “On the Radar” Jaxx Shack blog, on multiple internet radio stations across the globe, on the soundtrack of numerous  documentary films, and of course, in the hearts of every person who hears her music and experiences her performances...

Jessica Leia’s Ongoing Projects…
After years of struggling and reaching out to professionals in the industry to help take her get “to the next level”, Jessica Leia stopped the live performance circuit and got to work putting her talents in to “Me & My Song”, now using THAT as her platform to usher her music and many other talents in to the world at large.

In fact, one really cannot mention Jessica Leia’s achievements without delving more in to her recent and ongoing project: “Me & My Song”, wherein Jessica Leia undertakes the impossible task of single-handedly creating, financing and producing her own music video series. In a nutshell, her show, “Me & My Song”, is the documenting of the making of each album. The show takes a fresh and edgy look at life through the eyes of music. In the series, Jessica Leia shares with us the experiences of life that inspire the music to be created in the first place and then the experiences that consequently transpire from the music, itself. (Such as the emotional ups and downs that inevitably come as you record music with your band)! Jessica’s show provides weekly online videos (every Sunday at 2) featuring personality performances, musical performances, information about musical production, and a number of very fun mini animations.

As her website says “Me & My Song” is: “A place to laugh... A place to cry... A place to embrace life through the power of music…” And it is indeed, as Jessica will tell you in the show, itself, about many intimate life experiences that have inspired the music she writes and then take you along, behind the scenes in each recording studio to professionally record the music that she ultimately performs for us.

Who is this Jessica?
In a world of many trying to find ways to be unique, Jessica Leia just is. In the concise words of Producer, Dean Kattari, Jessica is “Brave and crazy. Funny yet sincere. Creative and progressive! Fiercely independent but plays well with others. Hard to explain.” … Jessica is sure to impress you with her multi-instrumentation skills, 3 octave vocal range and an incredible capacity to make you laugh and cry all in the same few minutes. You are guaranteed to enjoy being entertained and riveted by this passionate, zany and talented woman for whom writing, composing, performing and recording has been the ongoing inspiration of her life. Indeed, Jessica Leia has obtained a degree in that stuff and has even taught it, but more importantly, Jessica Leia lives it. Jessica has also stepped in to accompany other artists in their performances and studio projects and has even released two New Age piano albums: “Baby Tears” and “Dissention”, which are a compilation of piano compositions she composed as a child and teenager.

Having always been an active musician, Jessica Leia has been performing for the public since childhood. Beginning at recitals and then on to larger venues, including the Concord Pavilion. Jessica has performed in nearly every musical scene one might imagine - even as an accompanist in musical theatre. Whether in a bus, in the corners of cafes and smelly bars, or in restaurants and lounges where she has been hired to play the likes of Sinatra and other classic crooners, or even just hosting open mics where the crowds are often more interested in the dart games they play than they are interested in the artists on the stage, Jessica Leia is no stranger to the triumphs and weirdness of a musician’s life.

What is next for Jessica Leia?
Because Jessica Leia’s video series is documenting the process of making music albums, you might imagine that at the end of each season, there will be an album! And it just so happens, that as the end of the year draws nigh, so does the official release of Jessica Leia’s first lyrical album: “Me and My Song” - a collection of the songs she has been inviting us to watch her record through her video series. Updates and announcements about the Album Release and the Album Release Party, will be continually made on Jessica’s Social Media pages.

And so, with good humor and ongoing curiosity, Jessica Leia continues to be fascinated by the idiosyncrasies and surprise turns that appear on the path of a musician. And with the onslaught of so many do-it-yourself options for music makers, Jessica Leia campaigns to create an online presence through “Me & My Song” as a springboard for her original work. With dogged determination, Jessica Leia works tirelessly to cultivate that platform to be large and versatile enough to make it possible to share her music with the whole world.
Though she was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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