Iradina define resonates and echoes in your belly, the fullest and the richness

Iradina, a native New Yorker, is a pop and R&B singer, songwriter, and performer. She was born to be a star! Music has changed so much the sounds and the message is all different. The musical change is how she defines resonates and echoes in your belly; the fullest and the richness. That is the feeling you have when you listen to her music. She is relatable, humble, and sweet like a peach on a sunny afternoon.

In an ever changing music market, when multiple sounds and talents are brought to the table such as Kenneth Barrow, Tina Turner, Madonna, Billy Joel to the current music played on the radio – you going to want to hear Iradina’s music. Yes this is the time when mainstream is open to musical varieties from Rock to Hip Hop, extreme vast culture connections, structured class of unique sounds which captivated our hearts and souls and complied with artistic competition of fashion pimped by Prince sassiness wearing high heels. As we moved our hips and swayed our arms to the harmonious melodious voice that Iradina propels from her heart. She provides excitement to add to our adrenaline -that needed rush.

Iradina (aka Iradina Woodley) using her full creative freedom, you will not be disappointed in her upcoming album due in late 2020 with its mystique intimate subject material including supporting women’s movement, themes of sex, love, relationship issues, liberation, and love issues inspired by Iradina’s desire to express herself through her music.

Iradina came from a single-parent home, where her father left when she was two years old. A middle child, with one older brother and one younger sister. Her mother dedicated herself to raising her children with the highest respect, morals, and integrity as she first started her career as a teacher then progressed to owning one of the most successful private nursing agency in New York. Her father  worked for MTA and part time as a nurse as he swirled in and out her life later reconnecting with her when she was 14 years old.

She started singing in a family singing group through the lead of Micaiah Gilliam, her Uncle, who worked with Donnie McClurklin and other top Gospel figures, a gifted and talented pianist with magical fingers. The group earned popularity and success singing in the tri-state areas of New York and East Coast. Blended vocals, the ability to sing acapella and harmonized with a crisp versatile Gospel musical style and social commentary propelled the group forwards to winning one of the first McDonald’s Gospelfest.

Due to the sudden lost of her Uncle, she decided to focus more on development of socio-economics, rebuilding communities, and bringing awareness to positive change in society for the youth. With this passion and drive, Iradina started partaking by fighting nonviolently for disadvantage children through EOC. This offer many opportunities even having the honor to meet, greet, and interview Magic Johnson and due to Iradina continued drive, she even gained opportunity to petition to the State of New York for the continued fight against equality, From that point on, Iradina moved in with her loving grandmother who became sick so she decided to go to Gateway Job Corp where started continuing and dedicating her life to community services so her grandmother’s daughter could provide proper healthcare.

Continuing to focus on developing and giving back to her community. Iradina was able again to find a success way in Brooklyn, New York. Across the street from Medgar’s Ever College, where Betty Shabazz worked was a youth foundation Iradina dedicated numerous hours volunteering assisting gifted, disadvantage, low-income and challenge children through music and positive guidance. The hugs from the children were the most rewarding.

All children are our future and she continues to hold this value and memento towards all humans, human races across the world deserve love. It is a grand experience being able to work with deaf and economic disadvantage and seeing so much jubilance on their innocent faces.

Meeting legendary guitarist/producer/musician Big Boss( aka Ronald Bostick) who worked with Stevie Wonder, Ne-yo, Jennifer Hudson, Nicky Minaj and the  lists gone on who was able to get top-notched music development and produced remarkable tracks for DMX for starters, and other prominent rappers or artist in the industry. Iradina states, “Working with Big Boss is an exhilarating and breathtaking experience with his intense knowledge and musically artistic angle. It is like a rose that never dies but continuously grows and blossoms.”

Iradina states, “Music is my voice. I am going to bring love, healing, and joy through my music to all people. Once we believe we are all interconnected, we will realize unity is our strength and the key to our continued progression.”

Iradina video will be out next year and she will be featured in some amazing top magazines so stay tune. Her journey just started. Iradina’s goal is to continue building a foundation and blazing a trail so continue to watch her grow and create new amazing music by defining and encapsulating a new direction. She wants her music to find her audience and her fans to embrace her music by her define sound, and motivation to push to new levels. Currently, she is working on her first album to be completed by 2020.

Rising POP Artist, Iradina will officially release her single "I Wanna Know" and "Don't Be Afraid" on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Tidal and all platforms by December 2019. She is in a great position and open to teaming up with some great people to get to the next level. She is ready to share her talent and is open to touring, venues, and bookings feel free to . Currently, she is preparing to do shows with some big names in the industry and she will update once everything is officially confirmed. Also, she is works with a top choreographer to get her video completed. Just a little goodies to keep you on your toes.

Although she was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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