2 Throwed Mindz relies heavily on authentic, true to nature and heart within the music

The greatest aspect about their music is that it is all clean music, though some topics are intense, it never gets to the point of profanity, degradation of women, bullying or any negative message which indeed is a common factor amongst a vast majority of artists these current days.

The music group 2 Throwed Mindz or 2TM for short, consists of 2 individuals, Al Bee and DC. Both artists are natives of Beaumont, Texas of the Southeast region of Texas. 2TM’s first performance was early in the year of 2013 at a hometown venue known as The Gig. The first performance sparked a drive for ambition, dedication and consistency, due to the energy and responses that they had received from the audience and new listeners whom later became superfans. Al Bee and DC are both skilled in vocal harmonies and lyrical rapping capabilities. The motivation behind the music is to bring awareness of oneself and the belief in achieving goals. Being that 2TM are down to earth subtle individuals, they realize the importance of emotions that take place in our daily lives. As humans we feel sadness, happiness, anger, depression, guilt, etc. and to 2TM those feelings are nothing to shy away from. 

One of slogans that they operate on “Aye we fam” , which means they’re not greater than being human, so they connect with their fans on a more personal level and are able to get in depth with the music that brings a message or sheds light on a situation. With the group it’s not always about the music, there is an initiative to take care of the community.  Giving back to the community and connecting with those less fortunate to let them know that there are people out in the world that care about them. It is truly satisfying to lend a hand to mothers, children, friends and those in need. 2TM views them as an extended family and will go to lengths well within reach to aid. Also, the group does digital artworks ranging from characters from many favorite cartoon series to poster design and graphic work & merch design. The merchandise is personally made by 2TM’s hands, just Al Bee and DC. There is no huge team to get orders out, there is no giant corporation that favors quantity over quality which means every single piece of merch is designed, crafted, tested & packaged by 2TM. 

Recent projects that were released by the 2 Throwed Mindz members were “Somethin’ Throwed” which is an EP by Al Bee and “Caliber” which is an EP by DC. Both projects have managed to accumulate great momentum on Spotify, Google Play, Itunes and many other streaming platforms. Listeners were showing up on demographics from around the world as well as across the United States which is an amazing feat. The Beaumont Enterprise, a local newspaper, had an article of the group published January 4th, 2018 in which they did a brief interview with 2 Throwed Mindz. Early in the year of 2018, 2 Throwed Mindz was requested to be part of the Boomtown Film and Festival, not only was this the first music festival, but the group was chosen to close out the festival. Later In the year 2018, 2TM had an exclusive listening party at the Portus Lounge in Beaumont, Texas. This listening party was a solidification of the projects months before the release which gave supporters a sneak peak at the music as well as a private screening of 2 music videos.

One of greatest pleasures of their musical journey is to learn from direct sources about the impact that the music had made on their lives and helped to form more positive outlooks on life, feel uplifted and motivated to be the best of themselves. Mental health is a topic that really touches the heart of 2 Throwed Mindz and they understand the need to have a shoulder to lean on and a listening ear to those who cry out from the lowest points in their lives. 

Though the group was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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