Radiate: The most unexpected chemical reactions occur by ordinary chance, the most ingenious masterpieces are written overnight.

The most unexpected chemical reactions occur by ordinary chance, the most ingenious masterpieces are written overnight. That sentence can describe Radiate, the band that gathered in 2017 in New York City by its current members: Will Ford, Daniel Louis, Michael Feliciano and Vlad Tipicidi.  How it all began? In 2016, drummer Will Ford and guitarist Vlad Tipicidi found each other on Instagram and after speaking and decided to meet for a jam session. After their first rehearsal they came to a decision to put together a band with unique participants with a high level of musical technique, who could produce the maximum amount of energy at concerts. Vocalist Daniel and Bassist Michael, who previously played in another project together, were looking for a new band. By happy coincidence or a plan from above, having met, they joined together to create new art and realize a common dream. In the summer of 2017, the guys started rehearsals in studios of New York City. It is noteworthy that the name of the band Radiate is a verb, which is quite rare for the name of the band, they explain this choice by the fact that the verb is a state of movement, which symbolizes band's movement in search of new musical directions and mix of different genres as well as the search for new philosophical meanings.  The newly formed band would waste no time, quickly releasing their first single and video in November (2017). In the following year they would release another 2 records with videos before developing their standout sound and stage presence with the recording of their with world-famous Kristofer Crummett in Portland, Oregon.  All art covers for Radiate singles are drawn by an artist from Russia and like all their video clips, it have interesting and deep symbolism. For example the art cover of their single "Movements" depicts symbols of men and women separate from each other under the influence of radiation. It sends us to Greek mythology, where humans were originally created with four arms, four legs and a head with two faces. Fearing their power, Zeus split them into two separate parts, condemning them to spend their lives in search of their other halves. Or the idea of their video for the song “Unbound”, where the main character runs away from her pursuers at dusk. Catching and tying her, the pursuers burn the diary, which she carefully tried to save. At the end of the clip, removing the masks, the pursuers were her own, and the diary symbolized her bad memories and fears, from which she could not free herself. This idea refers us to the scientific hypothesis about the multiplicity of personality in our consciousness and about the struggle with ourselves, which happens to us even in such simple things as choosing tea or coffee for the breakfast.
When you listen to their music you can distinguish the following things : That the vocalist Daniel has a unique, memorable timbre of his voice, and simply amazes you with the variety of vocal techniques in songs, from pop commercial pure vocals to distortion (raspy) sound, from rapping to growling and screaming. Each song has its own unique guitar riff, which allows to note the influence of Hard Rock bands from the 70s on guitarist Vlad Tipicidi. The rhythm section of William and Michael makes each song unpredictable, the guys boldly create in the songs transitions from metal to funk, from classics to jazz. With all the variety of different elements, Radiate music definitely has its own unique sound and handwriting. According to the musicians from Radiate, such creativity is the result of joint work on compositions. As a rule, most bands are simply focus on the look and taste of one band-member, handing him all the powers as the sole composer. Each member of the Radiate has its own specific musical taste and  view of art, and sometimes it happens that it is very difficult to find a compromise. However, they make more difficult choice in the direction of equality and joint participation in the creation of their art that results in something unique and interesting.  In a short time, the band played concerts at the most popular venues in New York, such as Knitting Factory, Webster Hall, Gramercy Theater and Gold Sounds. With each new performance Radiate joins the ranks of their fans. Their clips and music are broadcast on various resources not only in the USA, but in Brazil, Russia and even Japan. In early 2019, Radiate signed a contract with their first manager and Booking agency and are in talks with record labels for the release of their first EP “Human” as well as preparing for a summer tour in USA. The main dream of the guys in radiate is to have the opportunity to write honest and high-quality music, communicate their thoughts and emotions through music to a large number of listeners, travel around the world touring and meeting new people. 
Though the band featured in recently released Lifoti's June 2019 influencer issue, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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