OG Mambo Fresh : AFRICAN American King- Next big thing on the west?

OGMamboFresh is creating more than a “buzz” out of the West Coast and especially in the Pacific Northwest, as he strives to become the epitome of Hip-Hop. This Zimbabwe born but Seattle raised artist has a brand that is picking up steam nationwide.

In the Shona language, 'Mambo' means King or God and is synonymous within the culture -  it is the way you address an elder or a boss and Mambo’s family history suggest that his mother and father both have Royal ties in Zimbabwe.  He has honorably carried the concept of being Kingly in his everyday life and pursuit as an artist. 
The opportunity to fully grasp two cultures on opposite sides of the planet was an asset that holds no measure.  He has been shaped as a visionary and leader so the name is very much appropriate. Laser focused on his music catalog, refining his music and continuing to brand his presence, he is also a true student to the game.  Mambo appreciates everything from the culture, the history and the players.  His road map is filled with strategic and impactful career moves not only locally but globally.  

His fans describe him as a well-versed recording artist.  Acknowledged for his collaborative style, laid back sounds, cleaver wordplay and intense movement.  Influenced by icons such as Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg, Lil Wayne , E-40 , Ludacris and Outkast. - ’Mambo’ carves out his own lane experimenting with different tones and production.

If the opportunity presented itself, he would love the opportunity to work with a vast amount of artists such as Pharrell, Timbaland, Dr.Dre, Gucci Mane, Curren$y, Ty Dolla $ign , Kendrick Lamar, Wiz Khalifa and Erykah Badu.
 On stage, he is lyrically potent, energetic and he puts on an exciting show. His sound resembles a smooth operator with a soulful melodic style it’s as if he uses voice to sonically influence and inspire people.  He loves the creative side and appreciates the overall business strategies to building his brand and fanbase while shaping his career.  His overall goal is to expand his brands reach distribute great music and develop a solid fanbase and platform.

With his organized movement and well thought out approach, he plans to continue to level up on the stage and who he shares it with.  Watch out for this shining star as his debut EP project 'Fresh Start' an 6-track compilation of the introductory sounds and vibes that are OG Mambo Fresh. Set to release early 2019. He didn’t come this far, only to come this far – he most certainly has plan aimed towards a  promising musical and business career.

He was featured in recently released Lifoti's June 2019 influencer issue, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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