Kittenhead saving rock n roll one song at a time.

On stage Kittenhead is 4 women playing guitars, singing, performing like a group of whirling dervishes with a guy pounding out beats behind the kit. This isn’t your parents’ rock band. With this awesome sound, why hasn’t the music industry figured out what to do with Kittenhead?   

Kittenhead isn’t about fitting into a box or making people feel comfortable.  
Sonically they punch and counter punch, leading their fans on a trip through a music wonderland. Big guitars, sexy riffs, playful lyrics, left political roars. It is a full-range of  experience packed into a one-hour set.  Hailing from California, Kittenhead has traveled throughout the Western United States playing street fairs, roller derbies, and clubs. While live performance is a driving force in their creative process, Kittenhead is equally adept in the studio with 2 EPs and a full-length album under their belt.  
Kittenhead’s latest release “NYB” steps into the political arena addressing the #MeToo movement in the title track, “Not Your Bitch” a full-frontal confrontation of sexism, from street cat-calling to politicians’ “pussy-grabbing” ways. “Numb,” which verges on metal anthem, asks if humans really want to live on planet earth with the ravages against people and society’s seeming lack of empathy. The song’s growling vocals with ripping guitars is the sonic equivalent of a pre-apocalyptic warning.  The “NYB” EP opens with the poppish “Confusion”. It’s got a catchy chorus and fun sing-along melody. “143” a little punk ditty and the soaring love song “Bloom,” featuring choral harmonies that demonstrate how far out of the box Kittenhead is willing to go in pursuit of their art. Boundaries are something this band has no use for artistically. Kittenhead is always looking to stretch the edges of their musical expression.  
Kittenhead is composed of: 
Victoya on guitar and bass, who is constantly in motion onstage. Wicked smart and just as sassy, VJJ (those are her initials and nickname) contributes the occasional rap interjected into a song as well as guitar and bass lines.  
Dani on guitar was a Division 1 gymnast and all around badass.  As the newest member of Kittenhead brought in to expand the sound live, she has been roped into singing backup (hello hella high soprano notes in Bloom) editing video and contributing to the bad humor that bonds Kittenhead together.  

DeDe on guitar and bass is a classically trained musician with a weakness for dollar stores and stray animals. She is addicted to veggie straws and is the band member most likely to play in a celebrity basketball game. She is constantly messaging the band new song ideas on various instruments and insisting that the song “isn’t slow”.  

& drums, Owen packs heat with hard-hitting driving beats. Always on time to mess with the stereotype of drummers. He is a great guy who likes his Jagger and barrel-aged dark beers while wearing sunglasses during shows. Safety first--the lights are bright.  

Kivi, lead vocals, main cat wrangler, mildly glam rock, front person, has a head for business and a heart for art and lyrics. She loves watching sports and spending time with her animals. A passion for music and making a difference drives her to play in KIttenhead.  

Kittenhead’s discography also contains the punk-driven “Derby Girl” EP  that opened the door to halftime shows at numerous Roller Derby bouts throughout the western United States.  The full album “We’re Here!” that is still receiving airplay worldwide with numerous tracks in heavy rotation on college and internet radio. From the social justice call of “Tinman,” the homage to Janis Joplin in “Earthquake,” and the bouncy popular “Tuesday,” Kittenhead’s initial album is still contributing to the indie music scene.  

Kittenhead will be touring the Southwest United States in March of 2019 with plans to tour the Pacific Northwest and the East Coast later in the year. Kittenhead has an active social media presence and can be found on most streaming services and platforms by the handle Kittenheadla – LA because there is a woman in the Midwest making kitten headbands (no, we’re not joking).  Check out Kittenhead, the band that is gonna make you love rock n’ roll again! Find their hub at kittenheadla 

The band featured in recently released Lifoti's June 2019 influencer issue, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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