Introducing Christian Hip Hop Artist Aaron Robinson

Aaron Robinson, won a street heat segment for the City Takers Christian Hip Hop Radio Show back in September of 2017 with his then brand new single "365 (Confess His Name)". This same song was featured on the widely recognized secular platform World Star Hip Hop, amassing over 8,000 video views in a matter of a few weeks. Aaron Robinson, was also selected to be featured at City Takers 16 Barz Live Challenge in Atlanta, hosted by Trackstarz, Jam the Hype, and Rep Da King Magazine. Lastly but not final, AR was featured in a beat battle at the heavily renowned Flavor Fest in October of 2018 which was also sponsored by Trackstarz.   Born and raised in, Muskegon, Michigan, Aaron Robinson developed a keen intimacy for music at the age of five years old. He and his fellow relatives would watch BET music video segments around the clock after school. He would often imitate certain rappers such as DMX, Jay Z, and Ja Rule, claiming to be like them whenever he got older. It wasn't until Aaron was eight years of age that he began to write his own lyrics, heavily under the influence of his mother's then boyfriend, Devonn Starr. Aaron spent countless days with Devonn listening to his debut album "Gluv Life.
Aaron recalls that those times spent with Devonn was so important because it was in those moments that he understood that you didn't have to be a major label artist in order to be heard by the community, thus giving Aaron inspiration to become a music artist himself.  There was a certain point in Aaron's life where he and his two older sisters were not allowed to listen to or watch explicit material. Aaron claims that this parental advisory forced him to expand his subject range, versatility, and flexibility pertaining not only to his lyrical ability but also social skills as well. He claims that his home training and overall character was fine tuned allowing him to appeal to many ethnicities of people. All throughout Aaron's elementary school days, he was inspired to be like Devonn Starr. A man that epitomized decent character and a man that prioritized responsibilities above all else. Life took a turn for the worst though following a break up of the relationship between Devonn Starr and Aaron's mother, Sharon. It wasn't until the seventh grade that Aaron began to be affected by his environment and peers in the inner city of Muskegon, Michigan. Aaron then developed a desire to deal drugs for profit after watching the movie "Scarface" and listening to the Young Jeezy album "Thug Motivation 101: Let's Get It." Not before long Aaron began to run with the street gangs of Muskegon. His academics began to miserably fail and he eventually stopped attending school at the age of fifteen. As the street life of Muskegon began to wear on Aaron, his mother Sharon, took it upon herself to relocate from the state of Michigan altogether in order to get a fresh start in life. Rebellious to the idea at first, Aaron sought to extend his stay in Muskegon by living with his biological father, Eric Lee, but the two eventually got into a heated dispute only to leave Aaron with no choice but to leave Muskegon with his mother and sisters.  Relocating to, Atlanta, Georgia, served to be a mighty blessing for Aaron and his family. He got saved after reading a book entitled "A Divine Revelation of Hell" authorized by Mary K Baxter. 
Being sixteen years of age at the time, Aaron enrolled back into school. He began to pursue his music career professionally at this time, though he had already began recording as a music artist at age thirteen. Following two years of residing in Metro Atlanta, Aaron had finally surrendered his life completely to Jesus Christ at age eighteen. After attaining his GED, he began to focus fully on ministry and building up his faith. Aaron would attend different churches to see where he can fit in best but it wasn't until 2014 that he met Apostle Adrienne Durham at United Passions for Christ International.  Nonetheless, at 23 years of age, AR began to take steps of faith towards ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ through music by recording his first official single "365" at Soul Asylum Studios located in Atlanta. The following year he released his debut album "From the Ground Up". Since then, AR has worked with fellow Christian artists such as Bumps INF, Toyalove, and Alexis Spight in collaborative efforts to represent a strong presence within the Christian Hip Hop community and music industry at large.   Aaron Robinson continues to evolve his brand of style with his latest singles "Peace Be Still" and "Cup Running Over" which are to be featured on his sophomore album later this year.
He was featured in recently released Lifoti's June 2019 influencer issue, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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