IRIS CAMAA is a reflection of the hip hop woman of today in her own style of diversity, femininity and ferocity!

IRIS CAMAA ́s award winning album „IRISISTIBLE“ has a clear tendency to funk and hip hop,
The Soul/R&B singer composed and produced all tunes supported by incredible musicians
like Fagner Wesley, Shayan Fathi, Stephan Kondert.. The collaboration, w Grammy winners
Justin Stanton and Mark Lettieri (both Snarky Puppy) and Rapper J.R. Robinson make it even
more unique. The tunes are aimed at groovy with a touch retro inspired by her former hip
hop influences as a dancer.

Camaa’s song , ‘I DON’T GIVE A’ is an impressive addition to the hip hop scene. The rap tune
with Robinson you can hear the streets of NYC , signaled by the freedom felt in the lyrics,
‘you can’t stop my movements , the passions deep rooted ‘. The rhythm is danceable while
the lyrics are in your face.

IRISISTIBLE, shows not only her melodic harmonies, also the depth of her lyrics and pain in,
‘keep silent’. She switches gears and invites us to ‚PARTY ALL NIGHT LONG’.
She is sweet, her voice and harmonies beautiful, yet, in the same breath, the lyrics in the
song, ‘I AM A WOMAN’ aren’t afraid to confront, ‘you stupid sucker, you’re just a mind funk’,
challenging men to step up sexually, reminding, ‘I am a woman, I am a gift’ and if they can’t
handle it to go home and jack off! She is a reflection of the hip hop woman of today in her
own style of diversity, femininity and ferocity!

Austrian born IRIS CAMAA, began as a choreographer and dancer. A highlight was to open
shows for incredible acts like Michael Jackson and Dionne Warwick w Steve Nick.
Camaa’s career simply unfolded as her love for rhythm evolved through percussion, dance,
and singing. She grew up listening to Latin and American soul music. Iris started taking
percussion lessons in Brazil, Europe and Cuba. Her mentor and instructor ‘Laurinho
Bandeira‘ encouraged her to start her professional music career.

In 2000, Iris Camaa started her own project together with Cuban producer and bassist Ivan
Ruiz Machado. Since 2003 this project has been an impressive reflection of her sound
cosmos, who has also been recorded on numerous albums which where held with hymns of
praise. Iris performed several times in Cuba at the International Jazz Plaza Festival with her
own project as well as in NYC.

A tremendous boost to her career brought Iris Camaa an invitation to join the legendary
seven-times Grammy-nominated group TANGERINE DREAM as a percussionist, drummer

and singer. After the demise of the former drummer the choice finally fell on Iris Camaa.
Since 2000, numerous tours have followed across Europe, Canada, Japan and the USA as
well as innumerable DVD recordings at incredible venues like Royal Albert Hall, UCLA Hall,
IZU Festival Japan, Olympia Hall France.. At the Best Buy Theater concert in New York City, Iris
Camaa even made it to the front page of the prominent New York Times. She toured with
them for 14 years worldwide.

One of the highlights was a cooperation with Brian May (Queen) at Starmus Festival Tenerife
and a concert in NYC directed by grammy award winner OM ́MAS Keith w Tangerine Dream,
Alchemist, Woody Jackson.. to release the score live of GTA 5 Rockstar Games.
„music is message, music is a statement, music is movement, touch, love and reflection“ iris

Rapper J.R. Robinson who participated on the tune ‘I DON’T GIVE A’:
I always hold international connections close to my heart because I love the feeling of not
knowing where the music will land and be heard, inspire and connect with people in other
places. I enjoy working with musicians who understand a deeper part of the music and are
able to translate that musicianship to Hip Hop!

My verse on I Don’t Give A! I’m speaking about blocking out all the noise and distractions
that keep you from moving in your purpose and reaching your goals. I express how it is
important to be resilient in this business and don’t talk things personal. Speak your truth
and embrace the Journey it’s endless.



You can found more about the Iris on February 2019 Issue at here

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