ANGELYN & BLIND INNOCENCE (BI) The Next Best Thing Out of The O.C.

First beginnings started with, Angelyn, an incredible young talented singer/songwriter. Growing up listening to her parents’ playlists, from the 60’s and 70’s. Her love of music would be inspired by such pioneer artists as The Beatles, Janis Joplin, The Eagles, and many more from that era. Though she had not yet learned to play a musical instrument, she would sit for hours in front of the family piano picking out melodies in her head and patiently transferring them to the piano. Consistently feeding her musical growth in this way, she soon began to write music with deep meaningful lyrics and captivating melodies. She would perform these songs for her family and people that would come over the house, showcasing not only her music, but a signature vocal that is always unique and recognizable.

On her 14 th birthday, Angelyn was introduced to a young, local guitar teacher in Huntington Beach, Kevin Celinder. Kevin, who had just started to give guitar lessons to Angelyn's older brother Joe, was a graduate of the Huntington Beach Academy of Performing Arts. Ironically this is where Angelyn would be admitted several months after they met. Right away Kevin was very impressed with Angelyn’s unique vocals and music, while Angelyn was fascinated by Kevin’s guitar tones and riffs. It was this meeting that initiated the spark that would ignite a movement to come. Yes, the beginning of a new sound had come to the O.C. planting its roots right into the sands of The Huntington Beach Music scene. For the next two years Angelyn and Kevin would perform and polish their craft alongside several other great artists, searching for that would be ''Perfect Fit'' for their new and creative style of music. The music of Angelyn and Blind Innocence (BI).

In the beginning 2016, Christian Demman played bass for the rock band,''Broken''. By the end of that September, he was looking for a new band. He had heard that BI was holding auditions for a permanent bassist and drummer from a fellow musician, and he contacted them. After a 2-hour audition which took place in the bands practice facility, which also doubled as a garage, Christian became the new and permanent bass player for the band. Demman was not only a very talented bass player, but his unconventional style, versatility make him extremely unique (like when you first notice him on stage playing his bass guitar with a drum stick). but he could also play many other instruments, making him very versatile.  His song writing ability turned out to be a bonus that went along with the entertaining style which blended perfectly with the BI sound.  Blind Innocence had performed with a lot of talented drummers such as: Ron Lee, Blake Rehling, Luke Mentor, Jonathan Rodriguez, and Edo Tancredi over the years. However, that beat they were looking for that would round out their sound continued to elude them. Like the early Beatles, BI was searching for their own
Ringo, a permanent member to round-out the band and sit upon that drummer’s throne. The search would drag on through September of 2017, when a young man by the name of Mark Pacpaco entered the picture. Mark had just come from being crowned the champion of the 28th annual Guitar Center-Drum Off, the world’s largest drumming competition, bringing with him an unbeatable beat that rounds out an incredible foursome of talented young artists and one of the best young bands around…The One, The Only, Angelyn and Blind Innocence! 

2018 saw BI release their debut album "Little Girl", which has gotten rave reviews, drawing recent comparisons to Super Star Bands such as "No Doubt" and “Fleetwood Mac”, by many in the music scene. Continuously on top of the Reverbnation charts for the LA/Orange County areas and are also ranked in the Top 10 alternative rock bands both nationally and globally.  If you haven’t heard
or seen this young up and coming band, you can find their music on iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify and Soundcloud, to mention a few. Several music videos can also be found for songs on their YouTubeReverbnation and official site 

You can found more about the BI on February 2019 Issue at here

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