How tragedy and music saved her life...

LACI was born at 7 pounds 0 ounces in the very small town of Whitehouse, Texas. She was raised by a very southern Italian family. She grew up quite normally, for a small town, middle class, girl. The routine in her early life was, church, school, family time, and lots of church activities. Her families world got turned upside down when her father, David, was offered a job transfer in Santa Barbara, CA, and the offer was too good to turn down. So up her family went, to California. Shortly after moving there, LACI got involved in an acting school. She immediately got signed to Abrams Artists Agency and was the lead star in Christina Aguilera’s music video, “Hurt”, without even knowing what a headshot was. LACI says “I jumped right into entertainment at 7 years old, without knowing what I was getting into. But, as soon as that camera hit my face, I was obsessed. To this day, I can’t
get enough of performing...” It shortly turned into a full blown career, while still going to elementary school. Now mind you, LACI’s parents were NOT stoked about this career she wanted, so there was no stage-parent syndrome. It was that she was in love. From booking commercials, music videos, tv shows, indie films, short films, etc., LACI and her family faced the worst tragedy in 2009 when her brother, Jake, passed away from an unexpected heart attack. LACI stopped acting for 1 year. “I was a
vegetable. I couldn’t move or think or understand why my best friend was gone. It made no sense. He didn’t deserve this. He was a good person, and he loved music. So that night, I wrote my first song, well, I more would call it a depressing poem. Those poems/ songs never stopped happening. But, it became a way I handled the grief and all the lack of understanding” she says. After going thru a major personal trauma, LACI began loving to write, and started humming melodies just for fun. Her mom, Cindy, says “All day long, she would sing and sing and SING. 

We’d have to tell her to quiet down because we had work in the mornings.” LACI couldn’t stop singing. Fast forward 3 years, her focus solely became music. She was still acting and continuing projects, but she entered every singing competition, talent show, or open-mic that was around. LACI spent most of her time in Ventura/Oxnard, CA and made quite a name for herself locally. “I loved music. There’s just no way else to explain it. I felt it running thru my veins. Everyday there were new melodies, new lyrics, new ideas, etc. Whats’ crazy is from ages 11-17, I was singing 6 hours a day minimum, and that didn’t include the weekly vocal lessons I was getting” LACI continues, “Growing up with not much money, so much family pain, and a full work schedule at a young age, I had so much to write about. I had so many things to express.” Fast forward, LACI, after working with many producers with many EP’s made that never saw the light of day, got to be featured on a song with rapper, Common, on their song “Trouble in the Water.” They filmed a music video for the song that was to bring awareness to the Flint water crisis. The video reached 1 million views on Facebook in the first day of release. Shortly after, LACI was asked to sing 2 DJ Noah Neiman songs for his projects. “Long Way Home” and “Hold on to Love”. These songs reached over 890,000 streams so far on Spotify. After landing the exciting features, it was time for LACI to finally release music on her own projects. In September of 2017, LACI released her 7- song EP called “Incontrami”, which is an Italian word that means “Meet Me”, with OC Hit Factory, owned by Thomas Barsoe. In 2018, LACI released 2 songs called “Games” and “Jedi” which reached over 50,000 streams on Spotify & SoundCloud. LACI has performed at over 100 venues in the LA area and at many venues abroad. This year, LACI, got to travel to Europe for a month for writing/recording sessions for her project and some up and coming DJs, so be looking out for what’s to come. At only 20 years old, it looks like 2019 is about to be the best year yet. LACI says, “This new music is the best so far of mine. I put my full passion into it. To the detail: From the lyrics, the melodies, the production, and mixing. I am not just a singer, I am an artist. I take my art seriously. It’s my everything and I’m so lucky that I have people loving my music, a supportive family, an incredible team surrounding me, and a passion that
couldn’t ever die.” You can follow LACI on her social media @officiallyLACI on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook. Her music is found on all music outlets like Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music etc....

You can found more about the Laci on February 2019 Issue at here

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