G7Don trapping for doing struggle on the block representing Detroit on uzi thug style

The deep depressing days of the Financial Recession in Detroit produced the Rap Artist G7Don. (Dontae Mathis) His childhood self was buried. G7Don is an advocate for the minority’s. In Many Parts of Michigan the rich get richer n the poor becomes poorer. G7 has been through so much in life dat he has become an opportunist, as long as the opportunity is there we can’t complain. But in most urban neighborhoods in Michigan the opportunity isn’t available for the minorities . That means minorities such as G7Don are subject to being open to the Blackmarket just to make ends meat. In Detroit Michigan the vibe that you get is Dog eat Dog, it’s a sense of evil n negativity in the atmosphere. It’s kind of feels like your in a Deep Dark Dungeon That u were warned that if u go in u won’t return out of. G7Don is trying to destroy that feeling in Detroit his city means a lot to him... 

He has a lot of family history there. Growing up with both hardworking parents n being the youngest of his siblings G7Don is no stranger to hardwork n getting down n dirty for the mission. If you really want sumtin you have to go and get it, nothing can truly stop you from doing sumtin but ur self. G7 has been working hard at his career for around 2 years n he doesn’t plan on stopping. the mission isnt ever complete . 

G7Don: “I believe in staying True To Yourself and what you believe in I mean if you don’t stand for some thing u gonna fall for nothing”

You can found more about the G7Don on February 2019 Issue at here

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