With elements in jazz, rock and pop, Giovanna Moraes pionners a new style relying on chromatic scales and improvisational techniques as groundwork for her compositions.

 “A piece is never finished, never static”, she says, “my songs live as parts of me. They grow, change as my perspective, mood and memory allow. I have lost and found myself a thousand times discovering them. I lose myself still to this day”. 

Not for those addicted to linearity, but rather for those willing to tolerate a little chaos to discover amid darkness, a new light.

Giovanna Moraes is a Brazilian artist, whose work is difficult to define. Her debut album Àchromatics (2018) marks an impressive start with its unique amalgam of jazz, progressive rock and her studies on chromatic scales. The compositions - also hers were almost all over a decade old - but have been, since their conception, heavily transmuted and appear in the album as grown, multivariable beings - like Giovanna herself. 

“I think sometimes we do a song and ourselves a great disservice by not allowing change,” says Giovanna. “Even after it is finished or recorded, it can still be something else. I am a huge fan of different versions, and believe a song’s message is more than its genre. I think music is for communication, and to communicate effectively means keeping your audience in mind.”  

Check out her new single: Nothing but a Dark Trap coming February 26th for a Hip-hop inspired version of one of her most popular songs - Dark - made in collaboration with beat-maker and percussionist Luis Fernando Siqueira (OGBeatz).

Prior to her work as a musician and songwriter, Giovanna studied Cognitive Neuroscience at Brown University, and began her journey into adulthood within the world of Academic Research - focusing on the processes of attention and decision-making - particularly in chaotic stimulus-competitive environments.

Now, Giovanna uses what she has learnt from her years in academia to help guide her audience through a mesmerizing story-telling experience, which is honestly engaging unlike anything else. 

In fact, it is almost unfair to call Giovanna’s Àchromatics just an album, for it is also featured as part of her first musicalized short story -Tim’s Àchromatical Adventures - written, voiced and produced by her as an audible experience to be released later this year. 

The plot follows her protagonist Tim in his journey through a magical forrest and his struggles to find what no longer is - the old way back. The story-line is reminiscent to ones you may have heard as a child, but Giovanna’s obsession with language, philosophy and rhythm - as well as her brutal honesty - makes Tim's Àchromatical Adventures a compelling, almost enchanting work of human nature. It is a call into action for readers who dare to listen - and are brave enough to try and start to change what no longer works for themselves. It is a comedic and touching account of the start of this process for Giovanna - with its allures and challenges - and it makes for an awe-inspiring piece of art.

You can found more about the Giovanna on February 2019 Issue at here

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