Played well over 1000 plus gigs in Australia in just about every and all capacities. Radio-commercial stations & JJJ National Youth Network Radio via the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC), Television-MC and live musical performances. Co-produced music and music video clips for acts Paul Addie helmed or was a part of. He also shared many stages with some pretty amazing people. He vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, writer, performer and programmer. Plays almost all REAL instruments on, as of yet, un-mastered Debut Solo Album of which he co-produced. He consider himself a drummer first; a Zildjian endorsee in the late 1990’s, as a younger man. Paul tutor people of all ages on all instruments, as well as vocal and performance between shows. This also included a young student for ‘The Voice Australia’ competition. Co-creator of many great musical and artistic projects, with a host of world class wonderful folk, very much including own acts.

He has done with 1000’s of hours of Australian gigs, from the salt of the earth suburban and rural places to arenas, stadiums and the metropolises of every capital city in Australia. New Jersey promoter Terry ‘T Bone’ Young (Blue Dawg Entertainment) has now put me on 7 different festival events, both as an acoustic solo act and with the ‘Paul Addie and the Select Few’ band..all original material with a gentle smattering of Bowie/R.E.M./Drake/DeepPurple/Michael Jackson/Natalie Merchant/Motörhead, etc..(you get the idea) artfully reworked ‘anti genre’ covers. Plus 100’s of government organized and subsidised ‘Music On Broadway’ solo shows..and countless live mixing events, of which most I’ve also played in. Performed shows throughout the Tristate and beyond area. He opened the first third of the show acoustic and solo with originals, along with storytelling and singing of ‘leftie’ aussie classics. The second third of the show he was front man with the band doing some more Paul Addie originals and ‘Oz’ classics, The show ended with Dave Evans, the original AC/DC singer with the same band. Some huge shows around the country, with some very gracious critical acclaim his way. And EVERY one of the 1000’s upon 1000’s of gigs over 5 states and territories in Australia; from the cities to the coastline to the dry middle. Rock on again musical masters of art and life.

You can found more about the Addie on February 2019 Issue at here

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