Video game beat maker from ALT put lucid vocal on melodic hip hop

Initially just playing around with making beats, Plush soon began to take it more seriously and started honing his beatmaking skills when he initially only wanted to learn make his own video games. He quickly became good at it and was encouraged by others to start selling his unique beats When family and friends persuaded Plush to start creating his own songs, that’s when he added the title of “rapper” to his repertoire, and began recording his own songs in 2016. 

The brand Plush represents Hip-Hop content based on his own experiences in ATL and having fun with good vibes. Plush Sanches has an almost lucid vocal ability which can easily draw you into the narrative which he’s versing but think with a more unique concept behind his track, his style would be infinitely more resonant, he clearly has no trouble when it comes to lyrical waxing, so to hear him attacking a more emotive, personally raw track would be awesome.

You can found more about the Plush on February 2019 Issue at here

Check out plush song

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