Listen: New Single, ‘Asking Heaven Questions’ By Ro Jordan - Available Now

This latest single, ‘Asking Heaven Questions’ from BBC Artist and Producer, Ro Jordan, surpasses her previous story-telling in songwriting like never before. Embodying the fear within about whether pain has an expiration date during a heartbreak of any kind, we now hear a more serious lyrical tone through this dark acoustic production, whilst still being able to admire the hopeful summer instrumentation. This particular piece is so raw and honest to its core, that it will take listeners on a subconscious emotional rollercoaster.

With such gritty vocals, embellished with a heavy acoustic lead in its Pop production, Ro has composed an almost lyrically biblical experience with this authentic new single. Whilst still capturing Ro’s classic sound, this is one of her more striking releases in a new era of music with its infectiously catchy hook and emotionally captivating verses. The lyrics explore this idea of being deliriously drowned in heartache, so much so that it pushes you to further question every decision that you’ve made and if someone (or a higher power) is listening with a reaction of humour to one’s suffering. With this song you will become stuck in the powerful message that it carries. By using metaphorical lyricism, Ms. Jordan disguises ‘Asking Heaven Questions’ as actually being a phone number to call, that will not be answered.

Structuring profound, thought provoking lyrics, and innovative melodies, Jordan has single-handedly produced yet another triumphant acoustic single that showcases new depth to her stylistic vocals, defining her own original sound as a Producer & Artist.


The music video will be available on the 3rd of June on Ro Jordan’s YouTube channel. The video pacts a melancholic energy and uses the narrative of the sky being the person she is so desperately trying to reach in Heaven. It will perfectly captures the essence of this cathartic preach of an anthem. We follow Ro on a ferris wheel with a phone in hand, in her pursuit to find the reception that will enable her to speak freely of her feelings with someone who is hopefully listening.

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Watch "Asking Heaven Questions" on the 3rd of June on the YouTube channel of Ro Jordan and don't forget to add it to your playlist, as it is available on all major audio streaming platforms.

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