The acclaimed actor and producer’s efforts are empowering a new generation of aspiring actors, directors, and producers with opportunities to chase their dreams

DeJuan Ford – the actor, producer, and serial entrepreneur renowned for films like First Lady 3, Tina & Lori, and Paper Heart – is proud to be leading the charge to strengthen the independent film industry in the Detroit area.

A Detroit native, Ford has long had a deep interest in film and the striking power the medium has to move audiences. After completing his education at Eastern Michigan University, he began his acting career with an appearance in the hit television series McGraw Ave. He later transitioned to film production in 2019 and has since produced eight feature pictures including First Lady 3, Tina & Lori, Paper Heart, Diamond Girls, Black Straight Blues, Red Flagz, Undying Love, and All the Shine.

Ford is now focused on building up Detroit’s burgeoning independent film industry. Using his success in the industry as a foundation, he is leading efforts designed to empower a new generation of aspiring actors, directors, and producers with the knowledge, skills, and financial backing they need to secure artistic opportunities that will help them stand apart.

Our city has such strong potential to be one of the leading film powerhouses, and I’m proud to be playing a role in helping it find its way, I can’t wait to see what happens when the world learns more about all of the talent we have here. I truly think it’s going to change the industry, forever.

To connect with or learn more about DeJuan Ford, visit his Instagram page.

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