Street photographer Claudia Fickat explores interactions and limitations between candid life scenes, and creative expressions

Claudia Fickat is an international artist and photographer working with numerous clients across Europe and America. She grew up in a multi-cultural household in the wealthy French region of Champagne. Today Claudia is passionately seeking every opportunity to explore the creative limitations and interactions between race and class. 

Street photography used to be perceived as a predominantly male pastime, but as Claudia demonstrates, increasing numbers of women are gaining recognition around the world. She says her artistic talents and personal experiences have helped expand her horizons. “I always wanted to express myself, and the world around me through art. In essence, my street photographs are candid pictures of humanity, capturing real life moments. Many of them feature scenes from New York and Paris.

The first images to exemplify street photography were produced by French photographer Charles Nègre. He used his camera to document architecture, as well as shops, labourers, travelling musicians and unusual street types in the 1850s. Because of the comparatively primitive technology available, he struggled to capture the hustle and bustle of the Paris streets.

Great photography can illuminate all aspects of cultural backgrounds, family histories, personal privileges, and all the complicated connections in-between. The most powerful images encourage humanity to reflect on the world, and the changes the photographer and viewer might like to see. Like any great artist, Claudia is hugely passionate about her art and keen to spread her wings even further. 

I want to create the first all-female photography agency. We will work predominantly on street photography, the movie industry and photojournalism.

Photojournalists use images to tell news stories. Like street photography, photojournalism is also candid. Photojournalism has its roots in the nineteenth century, beginning as a way to document battle conditions in war. Roger Fenton and Carol Szathmari were early war photographers who documented the Crimean War. Photographer Mathew Brady captured many images of the American Civil War, and his early photographs are considered the first widespread example of photojournalism in the United States.

Memorable photography is a highly skillful craft, and a long process from the streets to galleries. It is vital not to get discouraged, and I will do everything in my power to help aspiring photographers pursue their own dreams.

An exhibition featuring many of Claudia’s black and white photography is being organised. Titled ‘Humanity’ it will shed light on life’s every day struggles.

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