Introducing Louise Mekylla Bachir, the award-winning creative director and production designer “en vogue”.

Louise Mekylla Bachir, the highly regarded award-winning creative director and production designer, continues to make waves in the film and television industry with her unique ability to hold both roles simultaneously, which makes her a valuable asset on a wide variety of projects. She has played a crucial role in many successful projects from music videos to feature films and high-end brands commercials, and her precision, creativity, and engaging approach have earned her recognition worldwide.

As a production designer, Louise Mekylla Bachir is responsible for suggesting visual elements and bringing the director's vision to life, while her role as a creative director involves overseeing all artistic choices and designing the aesthetic universe of the project. 

Louise Mekylla Bachir's career began in 2018, and she quickly gained recognition for her work on the song "La Thune" by Angèle. She was nominated for Best Art Director at the 2019 Club of Artistic Directors competition and continues to work on exciting new projects. Having just finished the production for Dior's Christmas advertisement campaign, what better time to look back on her career and get a glimpse of her future projects ?

"One of the Christmas campaigns for Dior was a technical challenge. We reproduced the iconic frame of the Dior quilted fabric using LED tape, meticulously working to meet very short deadlines as always. Because Christmas themed projects are always filmed out of season, the suppliers didn't receive their stock of Christmas decorations, which created a great treasure hunt for my team and I : finding five kilometers of golden white garland with an exact diameter of five centimeters. Challenge accepted!” - comments Louise, showing us her positive attitude in any situation.

Louise Mekylla Bachir grew up in a small village in southwestern France and studied event scenography at the National School of Applied Arts and Crafts in Paris. She then attended La Cambre national visual arts school in Brussels, where she focused on theater scenography. It was during this time that she discovered her passion for audiovisual work and decided to pursue a career in the industry.

In 2018, Louise launched her career as a production designer and quickly gained recognition for her work on the song "La Thune" by Angèle. The music video for this song was broadcast on national TV channels and digital screens throughout Paris and Brussels. It became the highest-selling record in France the following year.

Louise’s work was recognized at the 2019 Club of Artistic Directors competition, where she was nominated for Best Art Director. 

Since then, she has continued to work on a variety of exciting projects, using her skills, unique approach and expertise to create engaging and visually stunning productions. She has worked with a range of clients, from major record labels to independent artists, and has gained a reputation for her ability to bring unique and imaginative ideas to life.

Louise Mekylla Bachir has become a well-known figure in the global music industry, known for her distinctive style in music video set design. 

Over the past few years, she has been in high demand for her work, and she loves every minute of it. In an interview, Louise spoke about how she enjoys choosing the people she works with and creating memories with her team that help them improve their work. She also noted the excitement of working with new talent and being inspired by other industry professionals.

Louise’s influence in the music industry has led to her being chosen to design a set for Les Victoires de la Musique, France's most famous music award show. 

Based in Paris, Louise Mekylla Bachir has recently worked with some of the biggest celebrities in France and abroad, gaining international recognition in her field. For example, award-winning director Aube Perrie hired Bachir as creative director for Megan Thee Stallion's "Thot Shit" music video, which attracted a great deal of international attention upon its release. Louise also worked with ICONOCLAST on various projects for CANAL+, including a television series by the Grammy-award winning French directors We Are From LA.

In addition to working with various production companies on music video, films and TV series sets, Louise has also been involved in the creation of sets for commercials for brands such as Nike, Dior, Givenchy, and many more. She enjoys working on both artistic and commercial projects, particularly a recent Lacoste commercial where she created a plastic universe in the style of Michel Gondry. This film won a prize at the London Fashion Film Festival.

At the height of her career, and always ahead of new trends, Louise Mekylla Bachir's work on the "MK - Chemical" music video won her the Gold for Production Design prize at the CICLOPE festival in 2021. 

When asked about the future, she stated that she believes in being selective about the projects she takes on and never hesitating to choose projects that align with her aesthetic and creative vision. She also mentioned her excitement about the potential for growth and new opportunities in the industry.

Explore Louise Mekylla Bachir's colorful world at her website: louisemekylla.com

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