The French producer prodigy that all the biggest artists want to work with. Meet Max Margot.

Described as “an indispensable member of any artist's creative team”, Max Margot combines talent, creativity, technical skill, and meticulousness in an exceptional way.

Since rising to the top internationally, he has worked on Kanye West's (Ye) DONDA 2 Album Camp, DJ and producer NGHTMRE's latest records, and alternative singer UPSAHL's single "Atmosphere." He has also produced music for Radium Records, a famous LA studio built by Bradley Denniston who composes music for multiple major movies and commercials. 

Here's a glimpse into his musical journey and the works he has created.

Born and raised in France, producing music and DJing in his bedroom since he was 11, his first gig as a DJ came at age 12 in the nation's top nightclubs before traveling to Canada and establishing his career in Los Angeles. 
Max graduated from the Los Angeles Recording School with a bachelor's degree in audio production, one of the most prestigious programs in the industry.
Known as a versatile artist, engineer, and producer, his diverse background has led him to work in the hip-hop, dubstep, and house scenes, as well as establish himself as one of the most prominent producers in bass music.
The talent and professionalism that he possessed soon caught the attention of Bradley Denniston (credited with Hotel Transylvania 2, Alvin and the Chipmunks, The Lego Movie, and worked with The Lonely Island, Gotye, and G-Eazy..), who recruited Max as a Radium Records Music Producer and Sound Engineer in 2018.
Max Margot, who is also an audio engineering expert, composer and producer, rose to the challenge easily, and has worked on numerous important music projects as well as mastered the production and engineering aspects of rap, Electronic Dance Music and pop music. 

In 2019, Tyler Marenyi aka NGHTMRE was drawn to Max Margot's first EP for its original and unseen approach to modern electronic music and hired him at his recording studio. Max Margot's talent stood out immediately and he played a crucial role in the recording process of some songs on NGHTMRE’s album “DRMVRSE”, released in September 2022. Max and Tyler collaborated in synergy based on their individual original ideas and showed mutual respect and admiration for one another.
As a result of their work, "Atmosphere," the first single from the album, has already received more than 2.5 Million streams on Spotify, and new exciting collaborations are in the works.

More recently, Max Margot played a major role in the making of Kanye West’s (Ye) eleventh studio album, DONDA 2 ALBUM, released on February 23, 2022.
A gigantic project known as DONDA 2 involved recording over 100 songs with more than 25 of the biggest artists in the world at what was called the Donda camp. Some of the most prominent artists involved, aside from Kanye West himself, were Alicia Keys, Travis Scott, Offset, and Drake.

Max Margot demonstrated his mastery in all music aspects : He was the one who directed these artists' sessions and made crucial decisions with regard to all audio production. His contribution to all the different music versions and his innate creative flair and "French Touch" were deemed instrumental by those in the industry who worked with him.
When asked what the process of recording and producing the DONDA 2 album was, Max Margot says  

The Donda camp was the craziest experience I have been part of. There was a lot of moving pieces, I think the hardest part of the job was to organize all the versions for the songs because we had about 20 artists and 20 producers making music all day and all night so my team and I had to make sure we were up to date on every song to keep the flow of the music process going.

Max is excited to be working with the team again for the upcoming DONDA 3 album, as he adds : 

Working on Donda inspired me a lot, I Met A lot of really talented people that I now consider friends and that I plan to work with in the future.

As he rockets towards the top of his career, Max Margot has collaborated with the best in the industry, starting with Ojivolta, Grammy winner American record production and songwriting duo, composed of Mark Williams and Raul Cubina, whose credits include production and co-writing for Kanye West, Playboi Carti, XXXTentacion, Lil Nas X, Justin Bieber, Cardi B and Halsey, among others.
In his team, and among many others, Max also closely worked with the hip hop record producer Mike Dean, who recorded and mixed songs for Madonna, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Drake, Selena Gomez, or Lana Del Rey.
An accomplished and inspiring music producer, Max Margot doesn't rest much, and strives to inspire other producers and artists : Radium Records invited him to teach Master classes on their channel. His live streams are much sought-after among music creators and engineers, since he teaches an array of different expert topics and reviews new professional plug-ins and gear for musicians.

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