Step into the world of KOTTA, aka Eric Gorlow singing some psychedelic blues in the desert as he unveils "New Crowned King".

KOTTA, also known as Eric Gorlow, is an American artist of many talents : singer-songwriter, actor, writer and director, he is releasing his third single "New Crowned King", recorded and produced in Los Angeles by Raz Kinghoffer (‘Insatiable’, “Lucifer”, ‘Shades of Blue'' , “Shadowhunters”, “Almost Family” The Rookie” etc.).

Kotta comes from a word he had created as a kid, it was a name he used for things that he liked. It became attached to his music sort of intuitively.

" New Crowned King " is characterized by a bluesy beat and catchy riff, which complement its eclectic, ambiguous lyrics that draw inspiration from Beck, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Arctic Monkeys, and Tyler the Creator.

The song was stuck in my head for months - back in December of last year, every time I was driving somewhere alone this song kept pushing itself into my subconscious. In fact most of the song was written, driving around the empty streets (never that empty in LA), in the middle of the night. It had a very stranded feeling, as you can see in the music video. King of the empty dark streets.

The video, directed by Kotta himself, introduces us to a world of frisky humor and bluesy soul. A man wakes up in the desert, wearing a crown, unable to remember how he got there. His crown is protected from strange otherworldly visitors as he scrambles under the blazing sun...

In addition to his previous two singles, Kotta is currently working on his first full-length album, which is due to be released in 2023. In 2020, he released "Stray Little Legs" as a single for his movie "Let's Dream". For his first single, he remained in the shadows and asked L.A. based singer Buel to sing it. In 2021, Kotta announced that "Dolly's Overdue" was his second single.

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