The success story of Mika Laujin, colorist and retoucher of exception.

A Caribbean native, Mickael Laujin studied for two years in a prestigious engineering school in Paris before making the decision of his life : opting for a photography program instead, at the Icart Photo International school, where he graduated with a bachelor's degree in photography four years later. As a result of the positive reception of his end of year portfolio, the door to photography opened up immediately.

Only 24 years old at the time, he had his first exhibition in Paris at which he gained confidence to express his own style. All artistic networks echoed it immediately, but it was through retouching of images that he distinguished himself most. 

After starting in the fashion and luxury industries, he soon began working on a 15 day shoot for one of the biggest brands in the world, Toyota. His life was forever changed by this experience, and he started being called on missions around the world, from South Africa to Lapland, through Asia.

He became one of the youngest retouchers to work for the biggest brands at the age of 24.

From the artistic creation of illustrations for photography to simple aesthetic retouching, a retoucher's work can range widely. Every visual you see in your daily life (magazines, advertisements, cosmetics, real estate, websites, and so on) has likely been retouched.

Mika Laujin’s  skills go beyond simple retouching, and the moods he creates are instantly recognizable. His work is renowned for being able to extend the universe of photographers' images, allowing them to appreciate their work in a different way. With his creative vision resonating within the creative community, he continues to push the boundaries of creativity, and the best automotive brands trust him to show their products in the best light.

Through his work, Mika Laujin enhances new designs by editing promotional photographs of cars such as Cadillac, Hyundai, Toyota, Lexus, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, and more. 

As a retoucher, Mika is expert in all aspects of post-production photo processing. 
Each photograph or image is the result of the collaboration of light and color, and that’s why this position requires a high level of artistic sensitivity as well as an attentive ear to understand the culture and the identity of the brand. Effort and efficiency are essential in the job.

Giving back to the new generation and inspiring others

Since Mika Laujin is globally known for his expertise, the international Web Design company Oracom reached out to him for collaboration on a book about creative retouching. Sold worldwide, it is still available today.

In a world where automotive environment knowledge is nonexistent, Mika Laujin also shares his accumulated knowledge through his masterclass, containing over 10 hours of video content dedicated to automotive retouching. His masterclass offers audiences from around the world the opportunity to express their creativity and learn from his unique vision.

For all these reasons, Mika Laujin's career earned him the admiration of his peers, as well as multiple awards:
Two years in a row, the famed magazine Lurzer Archive included Mika Laujin among the best 200 digital artists.
In 2018, One Eyeland, the largest photography competition for photographers and retouchers, honored Mika Laujin for his contribution to Patrick Curtet’s work and his exhibition “the 25th Frame” 
In 2019, Production Paradise, honored his work for Sebastien Mauroy who gained the 2019 car transportation award.  
And this year, the NYX Video Awards honored Mika Laujin for his work as colorist on Cadillac's Halo campaign.

The American market has opened to Mika Laujin and his expertise has led his employer to become one of the top players in creative retouching.

Mika's expertise having been sought after worldwide, he finally realized his American dream in 2018 when he was hired by VINTECH, the biggest advertising agency in the USA that provides automotive designers in the largest design studios in California. Mika adds : 
I was put at the disposal (by Vintech) of “Curve Digital US LLC” which has studios in Los Angeles. I was alone in LA running their studio for 4 years while the whole team was in the UK. An exciting and rewarding responsibility! 
His background in engineering and photography attracted him to this particular field of work, not the cars themselves (he admits that he has never been much of a gearhead). The work itself, as well as the challenges of complementing other creative professionals' work, sparked his interest, and he continues to be motivated in this way.
In a perfect car photo, vibrant color and just the right lighting don't just depict tires, windows, badges, etc. ; the picture conveys the emotion that automobiles are capable of.

What’s next for Mika Laujin ? 
Being  in high-demand from many U.S. based businesses, he is also currently working on opening his own post production studio in Los Angeles to be able to share his vision to new clients.

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