Aurèléa wins Best Actress at 2022 Rome International Film Awards

Aurèléa overtook a stacked category to win her third Best Actress Award this season for Hard Plastic.

Aurèléa is officially a multi-award winning Best Actress. Last night she took home her third award for Best Actress in Hard Plastic. She previously won in that same category at the Halicarnassus Film Festival in Bodrum as well as the Birsamunda International Festival of Film.

Aurèléa won out in a stacked category that included Talia Shire for Stallone Frank, That Is, the newest film starring Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Frank Stallone.

She thanked director Katrina Villarreal, co-star Aiden Mackenzie and the rest of the team on the shoot. She also thanked her family in Australia for their support over the years but especially in 2022, after being such a long distance apart during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The film is a poignant coming of age story of Jessica (Aurèléa), a young girl coming to terms with her sexuality and how her body is really seen by the opposite sex. The film explores the prevalence of sex in society but how often it is suppressed and hidden on the outside. It focuses on her awakening and deeply disturbing realisation that her body is objectified and wanted purely for sexual pleasure, the message being the stark contrast between a pure and corrupted mind.

Aurèléa has been nominated for several other awards for Hard Plastic at both US and international film festivals including the Silk Road Film Awards in Cannes, American Golden Picture International Film Festival, Helsingborg Film Festival, Mediterraneo Festival Corto, Milan Gold Awards, Five Continents International Film Festival, Midwest Slam Fest and in multiple categories including Best Director at the Filmmaker Sessions at Pinewood Studios in London, home to the James Bond Saga. 

And the list just keeps on growing. The film has also won awards in itself, being named Best Drama at the Rome International Movie Awards as well as Best Silent Film at the Cult Critic Movie Awards. It seems that Aurèléa just can’t lose.

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