Russ sings his heart out to his girl on this new track.

It seems like every week Russ fans are surprised by the singer/rapper's relentless grind, and every following week that same feeling of amazement returns. "Lake Como," today's release, marks the 12th weekly single in a row that Russ has dropped. While the string of releases stretch all the way back to early May, it seems Russ has been prioritizing both quantity and quality, and "Lake Como" is no exception to this rule. The atmospheric love song is a slow vibe and finds Russ more relaxed than the more aggressive singles he's released recently. 

The instrumental on "Lake Como" introduces the track and becomes a highlight throughout the song. Russ's production has improved significantly over the years and the gentle, yet spacey layers on "Lake Como" exhibit this talent. 

Russ breaks out his singing voice on the new track with some pretty impressive melodies and refrains. Though some of his vocal sounds can sound strained or muffled, his overall performance is compelling as he sings about taking his girl around the world. 

Do you think "Lake Como" is a standout among Russ' new releases? Hopefully, next week will bring a second helping.

Check the song out below.

Quotable Lyrics

Let's go shop in Paris this ain't SoHo

I know it's your dream to come with me and see Lake Como

I'mma make it happen

Villa on the water we relaxin'

I might be in love with you

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