Melvoni, DDG, and Tyla Yaweh do a whole lot of flexing on collaborative single "GET MONEY."

Melvoni has been making quite the impact as of late thanks to a plethora of dope singles that show off his singing chops, as well as an ability to write catchy hooks that are going to stay with you. Recently, the artist linked up with the likes of DDG and Tyla Yaweh for a new song called "GET MONEY" which features all of the youthful exuberance you would expect from these three.

The track carries forth an anthemic vibe as there are piercing synths and a soaring chorus from Melvoni who continues to chant "Get Money" all while pairing this mantra up with a bunch of other questionable activities. From there, each artist delivers braggadocios lyrics that see them flaunting their wealth, status, and all of the women they are able to get with.

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Quotable Lyrics:

I step out my crib and I feel like a boss

Diamonds they drippin' 'cause I got the sauce

I thought she left me then I take a loss

I shitted on that bitch, I don't got no remorse

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