Vanilla Ice, Kodak Black, and Forgiato Blow join forces for the unexpected collaboration "All The Way In."

It's a collaboration that nobody saw coming. In fact, it's hard to believe that anybody in their right mind might have anticipated that Vanilla Ice and Kodak Black would be coming together for a collaboration. And yet, that moment has come. The "Ice Ice Baby" rapper, largely forgotten by the mainstream hip-hop audience, has officially connected with Kodak and Forgiato Blow for an apparent comeback single "All The Way In."

For the most part, "All The Way In" is a harmless summer track, with Kodak's simplistic chorus setting the tone. "I'm going all the way in, I wanna party all night," he sings. "I'm getting naughty baby, I'm having the time of my life." Alas, he doesn't actually contribute a verse, leaving such responsibilities for Ice and Forgiato Blow.

While it's certainly not breaking any new ground, it's possible that some will appreciate seeing a return from Vanilla Ice, an undeniable pop culture icon whose legacy largely centers around a single song. For others, well...it will be a much harder sell. Check out "All The Way In," one of the strangest crossovers in recent memory, and sound off if you think this one will see steady rotation on your summer playlist.


Tequilla and a round on me

Money stacked on the table like a g

My girl so fly you can see

She's draped in Versace

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