Stunna 4 Vegas dropped the accompanying visuals for new track "BIG 4 Flow"

Stunna 4 Vegas brought the energy for his latest release, "BIG 4 Flow." On his new track, the North Carolina rapper talks his shit over Drewreligion's production and proves why he's one of the hottest rappers on Billion Dollar Baby records. 

Stunna 4 Vegas's charisma is on full effect on "BIG 4 FLOW." He wastes no time in offering braggadocious bars and asserting his dominance in the rap game.

"I'm too official (Yeah, yeah), blow the whistle (Yeah, yeah), my lil' n***a out his mind," raps Stunna 4 Vegas. "Steady tryna smoke a n***a, he say he ain't tweakin' 'bout no time."

The "Activated" rapper's energetic delivery and infectious hook prove that he's continuing to sharpen his sword with every single release.

Check out the latest record from Stunna 4 Vegas below.

Quotable Lyrics:

We stand on biz, won't let shit slide

Know when I leave the crib, it's do or die (Fire)

Catch a opp, give him a suit or tie (Fire, fire)

N***a cut his tongue off if he testified (Fuck it)

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