Jenevieve shows off the power of her voice on new single "Résumé."

Jenevieve has been showcasing enormous potential as of late with a string of dope r&b singles, including the song "Baby Powder" which dropped last year. The 22-year-old singer has the potential to blow up in a big way, and with each new release, she is able to attract new fans who are excited about what she might produce over the coming months and even years. On Friday, Jenevieve dropped her latest effort "Résumé" and it has already become a big hit amongst her fanbase.

The song has a very apparent summer vibe that is filled with gorgeous r&b stylings that will immediately impress fans of the genre. As for the singing, Jenevieve soars over the production while singing about heartbreak and all of the residual feelings that can come with it. Overall, it's yet another amazing effort from an artist who will surely break through into the mainstream, in due time.

Quotable Lyrics:

I wanna talk to you, but there's no more to say

I try to hide it, but it follows every day

No matter what I do, I'm on your résumé

I'm on your résumé

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