Bhad Bhabie Takes Shots At Her Haters On "Miss Understood"

 Bhad Bhabie just dropped a new single called "Miss Understood" ahead of the release of her new EP.  

Bhad Bhabie is a controversial figure in the hip-hop world and that's something that probably won't ever change. From her days as a meme on Dr. Phil to a social media star, and now, to a rapper, Bhad Bhabie has always found ways to dominate the public discourse. When it comes to her music, Bhabie took a brief hiatus although now, she is back with a brand new song called "Miss Understood."

This song sees Bhabie rapping over some smooth 808-heavy production that allows for her voice to take much of the shine. The artist can be heard spitting bars about her rise to fame, the haters she has amassed, and just how confident she is with her own being. In the future, the rapper will be coming through with a new EP, and "Miss Understood" serves as a solid lead single for the project.  
You can stream it, down below.  

Quotable Lyrics:  

From the jet to the coupe, from the  
coupe to the booth From the booth,  
to the shoot, to the  
show, I’m the truth  
Paid a lot for the chain, kinda hard, knot  
the chains  
That’s the parts of the fame, when they  
all know your name

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