The most international actress of all : Meet CHLOE HOLLINGS.

Chloe Hollings is French, Australian and British. What more international can we get? After working in the theatre and developing her craft on Shakespeare, Chloe quickly became a sensation in big productions such as the famous TV series “Versailles” or Luc Besson’s “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets” with Cara Delevingne and achieved international recognition through her portrait of Windowmaker in the international blockbuster video game Overwatch. Chloe is now en route to Hollywood as she will soon be appearing on one of Netflix’s newest series “On The Verge”, directed by Academy Award Nominee Julie Delpy. 

As a bilingual child, Chloé Hollings started her career at age 8, as a voice-actress for the most prominent publishers in English-learning audio workbooks. Through this opportunity, Chloe would develop the skills that would turn crucial in leading her to an exceptional international career. By 18, she was already an accomplished bilingual young actress which allowed her to enter the prestigious Parisian theater class of Jean-Laurent COCHET, a former member of the Comédie Française. She played on stage in several theater productions and ultimately became a memorable Lady Mcbeth.

Since her school years, Hollings has been a cosmopolitan, multilingual, and multicultural person which allowed her to play in different languages and different countries. She kept developing her international profile by playing in Dubai for the Alliance Française, a French institution promoting the French language and culture in 137 countries around the world.

Her TV debuts allowed her to work with some of the best French actors, such as international star Jean RENO (Leon, Godzilla, Mission Impossible,…), and soon, Chloé took her first steps in feature films, such as the first French Imax feature film, “Sea Rex”, in which she had the lead role. Continuing to perfect herself as a voice-over actress she became one of the most requested voice-actresses in Paris! In 2015, Blizzard Entertainment offered her the lead role of Widowmaker (which she would play in French and English!), in the video game “Overwatch”, considered to be among the greatest video games of all time, receiving numerous "Game of the year" awards and other accolades. Overwatch made Chloé Hollings known worldwide. She began to travel to meet her fans, sign autographs, and started dreaming about Hollywood…

But Chloe is down to earth and as her career was skyrocketing she kept developing a wide scope of interests beyond her acting profession and became a published writer and a podcaster.

In 2016, Chloé Hollings wrote the book "F *ck les regimes! » (F*ck the diets) published by Payot, and inspired women worldwide thanks to the interest of the media and magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Marie-Claire, L’Express, Psychologie Magazine, Marie-France, Biba, and many more. Her podcast « Mais oui ! A taste of honey » is an ongoing and interesting bilingual series of interviews that we recommend to you if you are an aspiring actor.

While she was busy adding other achievements to her list of accomplishments, Chloé didn’t forget about her American dream. In 2019, Chloé Hollings settled in Los Angeles. 

She will soon feature in the new Netflix series “On The Verge” by Julie Delpy, to be released in September 2021. Watch her becoming one of the newest Hollywood sensations.

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