Best Songs From Thor Ragnorak Soundtrack

The Marvel movies have become a cultural phenomenon, and they show little signs of slowing down as cinemas begin to reopen.

Indeed, Thor: Love and Thunder is set to be a huge blockbuster when it drops next year. Chris Hemsworth reprises his role as the Norse God, whilst Buzz Feed News reports Natalie Portman will take up the mantle as female Thor, Jane Foster. It certainly promises to be a huge draw at the cinema, as the biggest release since Avengers: Endgame.

The character of Thor is hugely popular in the Marvel Universe, which could be down to his (or their) popularity outside of the films. The imagery of Thor is well-known around the world, as they are very much part of pop culture. Long before Marvel hit the cinema screens, you could find Thor in video games such as Heimdall on the Amiga, a 16-bit machine. Today, Thor appears both on your mobile device and consoles, with Gala Bingo featuring several casino game titles using similar imagery, including Norse God and Giants and Age of the Gods Norse Legends. Even the most recent Assassin’s Creed game, Valhalla, featured Thor’s hammer and likeness.

Another reason the films are so popular is their great soundtrack, and whilst Love and Thunder hasn’t yet been given a theatrical release, we can trust that the soundtrack will be great. A good soundtrack can help make a movie; it can build tension and atmosphere and be appealing as a standalone product for you to listen to. We know Love and Thunder will be great because Thor Ragnorak was utterly captivating. Don’t believe us? Check out these three highlight tracks and get ready for the new film next year.

Grandmaster Jam Session

Jeff Goldblum played Grandmaster, and this is something of a theme tune of his. It has a real eighties video game feel to it, with a fun electro vibe that fits the tongue-in-cheek nature of Thor’s character and films. It is composed by Mark Mothersbaugh, who has composed for video games before, mainly Sims games, Crash Bandicoot and Ratchet and Clank. That influence is definitely heard in this fun track.

Immigrant Song

Whilst Mothersbaugh scored the film, one of its best tracks was released long before Robert Downey Jr. pulled on the Iron Man suit and kicked off a cinematic franchise. It was 1972 when Led Zeppelin provided the energy-laded theme for the film. It is a high energy tune with the experimental prog-rock feel that seems almost too perfectas the theme. Robert Plant’s ‘Aah Aah’ is screeching and aggressive, whilst the lyric ‘we come from the land of the ice and snow, from the midnight sun where the hotsprings flow’ is as Nordic as it gets.

Pure Imagination

Did you see this scene and think you might have heard it somewhere before? You probably have; it first appeared in the 1971 film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and is sung by Gene Wilder. It’s haunting, a little weird and yet fits theaesthetic of Thor’s journey in the film perfectly. It’s not one you’ll be adding to your Spotify playlist anytime soon, but it was a masterful choice for the film.

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