Shaybo & Haile Connect On "Friendly"

Shaybo & Haile connect for a banger.

It's summer, and while we haven't received new music from WSTRN anytime recently to soundtrack the months ahead, that isn't to say they aren't working. This week, Shaybo connected with Haile for their new collaboration, "Friendly." The vibrant tropical feel is met with elements of trap and pop to form a perfect record for those days of the beach. 

Shaybo came through at the top of 2020 with her debut project, Stucka Ina Vault. The project is a quick seven tracks with a 20 minute run time but the short effort was a promising look into what she has up her sleeves. Her subsequent releases only boosted her profile even further. With the release of "Friendly," we're excited to hear what she has up her sleeves this year.

Quotable Lyrics
He wanted us three to have a little chat
He said, "Wait, Shay, how about your man?"
Don't worry 'bout me, I got a five-day pass
If you want somethin' from me, baby, just ask

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