Little Simz Drops Heartwrenching “I Love You, I Hate You”

Little Simz dives deep into her relationship with her estranged father on "I Love You, I Hate You."

The 27-year old-London rapper’s highly anticipated fourth album Sometimes I Might Be Introvert, is one step closer to release with the drop of her new single “I Love You, I Hate You”. Simz told Complex that when producer Inflo asked her “what do you love and what do you hate?’ she “knew the answer immediately.”

Simz flies between the two extremes of love and hate bar-by-bar, switching from compassion through the eyes of a mature adult, to hate from her younger self who was deeply scarred by her father’s actions. Inflo’s grand choir and orchestra soar in circles around Simz’s jagged flows, only grounded by the corresponding declaration of both love and hate echoing after each line.

Sometimes I Might Be Introvert will be the first full-length project we’ve heard from Simz since the critically acclaimed 2019 album Grey Area. The incredible lyricist dropped an EP, Drop 6, in the middle of quarantine to tide fans over and then fell off the grid to create. Simz returned over a year later in April 2021 with the leading cinematic single “Introvert” followed by the R&B jam “Woman” featuring Cleo Sol and experimental “Rollin Stone.”

Quotable Lyrics:

Even though I'm angry, don't wanna be disrespectful 

Tryna figure out how to approach this in the best way 

Hard to not carry these feelings even on my best day

Never thought my parent would give me my first heartbreak 

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