Future Has More Guns Than A Terrorist When He Thinks About It

 The Atlanta legend dropped "BEASTMODE 2"  

three years ago today. Through an innumerable sum of projects, we’ve grown to realize there aren’t even a handful of things as genuinely raw as an emotional Future.

Sure, BEASTMODE 2 paled in comparison to its predecessor, but who cares? It's hard to compete with anything that had "Ooooh," "Lay Up" and "Peacoat" on its tracklist. Let alone "Real Sisters." But, when you think about it, maybe there’s just no need to compare the two.  

“WHEN I THINK ABOUT IT” is one of the tape's nine tracks, where he deep dives into some of his deepest insecurities, only to finally realize that his life is actually really cool and lavish and whatnot. From the get-go, you can hear him murmur, "When I think about it, it's cool...it's one thousand". It's not even one hundred, this guy is on one thousand.  

Needless to say, the hook that follows is the song's crux, gliding on the Zaytoven keys with ease, rhyming "Got on a million dollars in jewelry when I think about it / Got more guns than a terrorist when I think about it / All these cars, my kids inheritin' when I think about it / All this money I can't cherish when I think about it." Being the phenomenon he is, the guy obviously has a lot to keep on his mind, but it's all eustress.  

While the small-scale tape offers a few far more abrasive tracks, with less space being occupied by these feathery keys in favor of him going off about having stable Internet on a private jet, this one exudes what made HNDRXX so bewilderingly listenable. Reminiscent of a track like "Fresh Air," it's just another example of how Future's problems are great problems to have, at least when he gives it some second thought.  

Quotable Lyrics:  

Twenty chains on my neck, man, they  
can't figure me out  
Put a Rollie 'round my neck, they try and  
figure me out  
They 'bout to gas up the jet, they try and  
figure me out  
I had to get some more Fugazi, they  
tryna figure me out

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