Sara Maria Shares Her Brand New Single "Being Without You"

Sara Maria is an emerging pop singer-songwriter based in Florida. On June 4th, 2021 she released her very first single titled "Being Without You". The contemporary-pop ballad has powerful percussion and intense lyrics that describe the entrapped feeling of enduring a relationship with a toxic person, and the journey to finding yourself after you've escaped the darkness. Sara Maria has been writing songs since she can remember. Whenever a thought or emotion felt too loud to her, she would write it down. Whenever a feeling was too intense to handle on her own, she took to paper. She is heavily inspired by artists like Lorde, Taylor Swift, Halsey, and Julia Michaels. She is her most vulnerable when it comes to her music. Sara is constantly writing and creating and has plans to release more music in the very near future.

Since Sara Maria's release, several blogs, music articles, and recording labels have given their thoughts on her song. Best Music Promotion wrote, "WOW, what a voice! Honestly, the performance impresses me. Melody is very good. I hope everybody likes this good music." The Stream LINE Music Blog stated, "'Being Without You' is a tremendous track. I thought the instrumentation and music was very well produced and arranged, however, the parts that stood out most to me were your demonstrative, emotive vocal performance and excellent songwriting. There are some typical buzzwords songwriters tend to use when speaking on the concept of lost love and moving on, however, your lyricism was clever and creative and conveying that message. I really enjoyed the metaphors and similes. Excellent job on all aspects of this project."Ozran Records also commented on the track, "Absolutely beautiful singing and songwriting. A very fresh voice and fresh song overall. Glad it's not a 'wanna be 'kind of writing and generic arrangement. VERY original indeed.

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Check the official audio below.

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