Cloe Luu, content creator, strategist and beauty influencer “en vogue”

All the way from Vietnam, Cloe Luu has always been very creative and crafty. She expressed her passion for arts at an early age and showed early signs of her drawing talents, which she developed by watching arts and crafts tutorials on Youtube, and adventuring herself in everything DIY.

She showed her amazing sense of business early too... when she started selling homemade holiday cards to her schoolmates, in elementary school !

Her true character, her integrity, her passion and her confidence led Cloe to be the first Vietnamese entrepreneur to develop the Decoden market. 

The Decoden was originally a Japanese craft that consists of decorating and personalizing one’s phone case. Cloe got successful in that field, applying her love for arts and crafts through an innovative business model. And that’s how she naturally started to experiment with clay, jewelry, and the whole concept of decoration, nurturing both of her passions for art and business.

When Cloe came to the US in 2015 for the first time, she became more familiar with cosmetics. The diversity of make-up and skin care offered was superior and more affordable than in Vietnam. For Cloe, it was the ultimate piece to her extended set of skills and fields of expertise.

Adding to that her dedication to improve her marketing knowledge and expertise at one of best universities in the field, the California State University, It’s no surprise that Cloe Luu became the successful influencer that she is.

Now based in Los Angeles, Cloe masters the content creating tools, the new communication codes, and she shares her work, her experiments and creations on Instagram.

It was mind-blowing for her when she realized that makeup is an incredible outlet for her to express her never-ending creativity !
When I started to share my look on Instagram, and received so much support from strangers, which is one of the reasons why I love makeup ( and social media) so much. Makeup, for me, is not just to feel pretty. It is an outlet for my creativity that I have had inside me for so long. Makeup created an opportunity for me to not only find myself, but also find my people, my community, which is the most important thing for me when I don't have my family around.

Expending her horizons

Mostly working with makeup and skincare brands such as Laneige, Murad, or Rosen, Cloe Luu recently broadened her horizon with new industries like shoe brands such as Toms or Twoobs, food and beverage brands like Mott's, Naked… She also collaborated with haircare brands such as Splat, Fanola, Remilia, Arctic Fox and many more.

Cloe’s most recent project with BH Cosmetic was featured in a campaign for their new SAY IT collection, where her story as an artist, where she comes from and who she is, were captured and shared in a fun and inspiring way. The video and the look Cloe created for BH was featured on their 3 Millions followers Instagram account, on their website and on their YouTube channel. It was an exciting project for Cloe because there was a different approach to it. BH Cosmetic

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