Houston based Rapper Bing Shares His visual Single "Heat"

Houston based Rapper, Bing, has dropped his latest single. The very simply but effectively titled, “Heat,” might be one of Bing’s most pivotal releases, yet. While, Bing hasn’t released many tracks, prior to “Heat,” he has built his body of work in a methodical enough manner to make each of them matter. His recent offering stands to give us a clearer sense of who Bing is, and what drives his art. Up to now, Bing has been shrouded in his own shadow, and “Heat,” could be the catalyst to change that.

Bing hasn’t come right out and said it, but through his lyrics and previous statements, we get the impression that he is no stranger to the way of the streets, shall we say. He has the look of a man who is a survivor and music has been a salvation for him of sorts. You can detect a bit of a shield surrounding him at times, and while not guarded, he does seem cautious at times. On “Heat,” he alternates between being defensive and soundly going on offense at others. He’s not always smooth and impeccable, but he never comes across as manufactured or pandering, either.

The chorus on “Heat” is the money. After a techno-centric intro, Bing launches right into the chorus, and speaking for myself, I was hooked. Heat/this is crazy/snap. It’s lyrically simple, but also unforgettable. Bing’s delivery is goliath like in scope, as he makes the chorus feel huge, and you can easily hear how such a hook could translate to a wider audience.

From my understanding and presumption, Bing handles all of his own production. Like in many cases, this approach has its own pros and cons. In Bing’s case, it is a matter of matching his vocal to the track, with just a bit of alignment. He sometimes falls behind the beat, and that could be a swipe left for some. For the most part, Bing shows a terrific propensity for dynamics and arrangements, and he has produced a quality track with “Heat.”

Made him fall like Tyson/I’ll break your back/this is child’s play. Bing is not apprehensive to go on the offensive, as we previously touched on. There are several instances of him describing his dominance and/or, how he is not to be crossed in any way. Mostly, he stays true to the concept of heat, as a figurative reference to tension. What makes a song like “Heat,” so effective, is how it can mean so much, with a simple, four letter title.

For his recent release, Bing has taken a major step in the right direction. He has delivered a track with energy, and sizzle, that boasts an incredibly strong chorus. There are still a few kinks to work out, but it’s almost a matter of him turning any perceived imperfections into strengths, by embracing and deconstructing them. Bing has a persona and inimitable facet to him, that will serve the Rapper well as he develops into a more complete version of himself. Much like his Hometown is inevitably about to, Bing’s career is heating up.

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