Lil Wayne Is Highly Focused On "Shoot Me Down"

 Thirteen years ago, Lil Wayne took to the skies on "Shoot Me Down," a simmering standout on "Tha Carter III?"  

Thirteen years ago, Lil Wayne delivered Tha Carter III, an album that has come to be widely regarded as a classic. Though it's not quite universally acclaimed as the definitive Carter project, with the first and second both holding loyal fanbases, there are many who would call it Wayne's magnum opus. While that's a discussion for another day, it feels appropriate to highlight one of the project's many gems, given that it's a milestone occasion and all.

Though there are many potential standouts to choose from, there's something alluring about Weezy's introspective slow-burner "Shoot Me Down." A calm before the storm type of joint, Weezy's methodical flow drives his punchlines home with clarity. "I spit Alcatraz bars, I know / and D-boys is the only Alphabet Boys," he spits, over a smoldering guitar riff. "I know Got a .380 on my waist and Rambo back home." While lacking the urgency of some of the album's standout singles, "Shoot Me Down" feels unique in comparison, a rare moment of contemplation for the mile-a-minute Martian.  

Show some love to Tha Carter III, which officially celebrates its thirteenth birthday today. What tracks are you keeping on rotation?  


I spit Alcatraz bars, I know  
And D-boys is the only Alphabet Boys I  
Got a .380 on my waist and Rambo back  
No more bandana 'round my dome,  
bandana in my right pocket  
Bitch, I'm grown, fuck what you on?  
Now, watch me stand on the world as I sit  
in a throne  
And if I jump, I'ma fly and look into the  
eagle's eye

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