Young Nudy Goes Hard On Addictive New Track "Perc 30"


'Perc 30' is a dope welcome to Young Nudy's newest album "Dr.EV4L."  

Despite the fact that Young Nudy and 21 Savage are cousins, their rapping styles could not be anymore different. With the release of his new album Dr.EV4L, Young Nudy shows us exactly why that is. By mixing up his rap style with a zany production and aesthetic, "Perc 30," is a unique track that's part of an equally unique album.

Perc 30 is nothing short of a fire drop. Sonically speaking, the track gives a circus-traphouse vibe that is irresistible. Young Nudy skates on the beat as he spits lines laced with heat such as "Hold my money, that's a fee. I like her body, that's on me. Dirty dreads, red bandana, R.I.P." Young Nudy's bars and the production that's laced with carnival vibes makes "Perc 30" an absolutely amusing standout from his latest LP.  

The influence of the hip hop scene in Atlanta has a strong presence in Young Nudy's work. Which sounds about right given that his stomping ground is Eastern Atlanta. Traces of Gucci Mane's earlier work are also prevalent not only in "Perc 30," but the rest of Dr.EV4L as well.  

Perc 30 is one of the bangers from the newly dropped Dr.EV4L. Dr.EV4L is the second album from Young Nudy. His first studio album titled Anyways... was released in February of 2020.  

Quotable Lyrics  

Trap beat in the A, I got blocks, make a  
play (Make a play)  
And my ho protect the spot, won't go, no  
way (Go, no way)  
Too many shooters in this bitch strapped  
up, it's too many K's (Too many K's) 
 Everybody gon' do what I say (Yeah)  
Every word that I say is law (Law)  
This game, I play too raw (Raw)  
That's why I keep my gun on me, beam  
just like Rudolph

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