Swanga Swang introducing a brand new single: It's Over

A new, emotional track from Swanga Swang a singer-songwriter who innovates his creativity and tries new fantastic ideas with "It's Over" single song that he performs and way beyond. His most recent studio release, "It's Over," is actually an amazing example of what I am describing here! This song is well-produced as well, highlighting the fact that he knows what he is doing in terms of recording and capturing nothing but the very best.

His voice is loaded with artistry and melody, but at the same time, there's a nice sense of storytelling to his releases since Swanga Swang always love stories use his music to tell stories that his listeners can easily relate to. Swanga Swang is the perfect example of a recording artist who is utterly dedicated to his craft, and his amazing musicianship truly stands out when it comes to this release. Ultimately, "It's Over” is catchy and upfront, yet so up-close and personal: not many artists can achieve this dualism so well, but it’s so natural for Swanga Swang!

Who is he? Swanga Swang started out singing in church, at the age of 12 he joined a gospel group along with his brother cousins and friends, in his early teen years, they would set up shows and concerts, rent out buildings to perform. Later he joined a few rap groups and did a r&b album with his brother and released a single called "Cherry Wine" which hit the #1 spot on local artist countdown showcase on KAZI 88.7 in Austin 98, He also had collaborations with other underground artists. Now he is solo and still in love with music! He never got the chance to really show what he can do as a solo artist, until now! Now he's letting it all out, staying productive and creative. He has a passion for music, with many different styles! like Soul,Rap and Country, is the reason they call him Mr. All in One.

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