Sorath3 Keeps The Momentum High With "LAST FOR3V3R"

3ND OF TH3 WARLD Is a collective made by Sorath3(Suh-RATH). A 19-year-old artist from Chicago climbing to the top. Using rock and dark music to express his thoughts on the "WARLD", this ep portrays how one's perspective easily gets mislead by external and internal forces. Depending on love and strength to get through, the artist elaborates on surviving in such a distorted mindstate with loyalty to themselves and others. "WARLD" was credibly inspired by juice wrld as Sorath3 claims to see "9" everywhere. He believes that Jared Higgins aka "Juice Wrld" a passed away legend, has been contacting Sorath3 through numbers after he's prayed about finding himself through music.

Sorath3 is the true star of the song and throughout the first verse, he speaks on some devastating subject matter. Sorath3 notes that he is looking to find the light in the situation, and it makes for an emotional moment. The guitars throughout the song are powerful as well and Abstract's final verse acts as a nice little bow on a fantastic effort.

I always made music but imagery mattered the most to me. From making 3's as E's, and making my music versatile, I knew I could change the world with my passion for music.

Find out more about Sorath3, and do not miss out on his amazing new release, "LAST FOR3V3R,”

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